"I Will Personally Campaign For You And Sam George For Doing This" - Captain Smart

For the good work Bernard Okoe-Boye and Sam Dzata George are doing, I will personally campaign and win votes for them in their respective constituencies, says Captain Smart. He said these two have really proved they think about the wellbeing of their people and they must be commended for that and given a chance.

According to Captain Smart, Sam George has proved himself to be a leader for his people taking up this Anti-LGBTQI+ bill all by himself to stop people from committing this abominable act on our land. And also the support from Bernard Okoe-Boye is massive and that is what we expect from the leaders in the country.

Captain Smart has promised to campaign for them and support them in the next elections in 2024. He said he will make sure they win to retain their seats. Get them a better position in government to continue their good works. May God bless them abundantly.

Another senseless, confused bastard.

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Well, that’s your opinion. I’ll advice you to kindly talk to your Member of Parliament who’s your representative about your stand against this bill. He’ll be doing the voting so he might be the only person to help.

Let’s forget about this issue and focus on different thing. Because I think some people are taking this thing personal

Lol…I don’t think so. It’s all about the energy bro.

Because we are not getting the head and tail of the whole issue. I dint even know where to stand on this.

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You’re confused ong? :joy::joy:. Don’t worry criminalizing it will surely come to pass and you won’t get confused anymore as to where to stand.

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Kwasia man captain smart trying to play smart. Taylor go get u :joy::joy::joy:

Captain smart is a realist. Unlike other hypocritical journalists in Ghana that are part of our problems.


But personally with all this noise of many Ghanaians and the media I think differently

I think homosexuality should be the least thing we should even think about as Ghanaians. We’ve allowed ourselves for the USA to have a military base in our country, the media was quite. what I’m getting at is, things that supposed to set our alarm bell off doesn’t matter to us, Only the non productive is what we care about
The battle against homosexuality in our country is a lost one, forget whatever god you believe in. The UN is the one imposing this on Ghanaians, and as always, Akuffo Addo will sealed the deal or will refuse to sign it, but he can’t never neglect it or push it aside and completely forget about it . Even if Akuffo Addo don’t sign it, any president who will come next will be forced to sign it


you people sef, you get time. I am thinking about where to get my next meal. Please can someone help anaa, because somebody $3x lifestyle is the last thing I can care about right now as a young man in Ghana. Wheeeew!!

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@Aharon looks like we have a new and enlightened Omanba with us: @macgh



I just cant think far @siaw

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He’s actually taking things from a different angle. That doesn’t mean he’s condemning the bill. Don’t get your hopes up bro.

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