I was accused of being a witch’ – Shatta Wale’s Mother revealed why he abandoned her

Madam Elsie, Mother of Dancehall musician, Shatta Wake breaks down bitterly as she revealed more happenings between herself and her son.

It was reported that Shatta Wale abandoned her mother for close to 3 years now as claimed by her mother herself? Well she is out with the

Giving more details about the destroyed relationship with his first born, Shatta’s mother stated emphatically that Magdalene told the musician she (the mother) is a witch and the SM boss who believed that developed hatred for his mother.

Madam Elsie also fired that the said cousin whom she is now tempted to believe is his girlfriend has gone ahead to destroy [Shatta Wale’s] relationship with his baby mama Michy.

It’s sad to see that that most Ghanaians are still full of these primitive thoughts and believe in witchcraft. In this modern age people still are overly superstitious. Hm.

Understandably, is the attitude of others that’s making people believe in stuff like that, I know with uttermost certainty that changing our attitude as humans may change the perspective people have about us… I believe Shasta wale himself is suffering from midlife crisis.

Shatta Wale himself has shown over the years that he is not in charge and stable with things happening around him. He takes no advice from people who mean well for him. He’d rather call them fake and enemies of his career.

From all indication, shatta does want to get close to his own mom because of perceptions and so called evil taggings. Ghana di3, ebe so norr, one munite bia spiritual direction name mu. Unfortunate though.

Lol. Yeah, midlife crisis like I said, Shatta’s actually going through lots of stuff right now, coming back from his Miami trip he seems different, psychologically and emotionally.

Shatta Wale must fix himself and fix his family before coming to public to make noise about the richest Ghanaian artiste thing. Your own mother is accusing you of abandoning her but you gon to other people and worship them like they are your mom. Confused shatta