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I want to learn programming 💻

Programming student here :grinning:

ooh nice, what are you studying now

Oh currently I’m a python person.

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let me try away before you bit me :joy: :joy:

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I never asked – What programming language do you use for work/hobby?

I am focusing more on react and next js now

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Python :snake: for real :joy::joy::joy:

Oh yeah. It’s one of the programming languages.

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I want to learn Python, what should I do.


U’re welcome to OF, enjoy your stay

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Hey :wave:t5: @Turnbacles you are at the right place. This platform is full of programmers and we can help you with almost anything. Have you worked with any programming languages before or this is your first one?

Welcome to OmanbaForum and we hope to hear from you soon so we can get started.

My first programming language

Great! @Turnbacles. When I started learning python, I started on It taught me all the basics I know. At Codecademy, we have python 2 which is a free course and and python 3 which is premium. I worked with Python 2 of course until recently that I upgraded to Python 3.

@Turnbacles, we can guide you through all the processes. Let us know if you don’t understand something.

Thank you senior … really appreciate

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I certainly will…:man_technologist::man_technologist::man_technologist::man_technologist::man_technologist::man_technologist:

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You are most welcome :pray:.

@Turnbacles have you heard of our Fantasy League where each month the OF member with highest points wins 120GHS?

No please … can you tell me about it

Sure. All the information is right here.