I’ve stopped accepting offerings in the church due to 'hot' women’ - Bro Sammy

Ghanaian gospel musician Bro Sammy (whose real name isSamuel Opoku) has said he has stopped accepting offerings during church service when appointed due to how female church members show off skin and cleavage.


Gospel musician Brother Sammy

The Kumerican musician appeared on Nana Ama McBrown’s “United Showbiz” show over the weekend where he debunked claims that contemporary gospel musicians are not emulating the precedent set by the old gospel musicians.

There’s a growing perception that the old gospel musicians churned out better gospel songs and lived better lives than the contemporary

“It’s wrong when people compare olden gospel musicians to contemporary gospel musicians,” Bro Sammy told Nana Ama McBrown on UTV on Saturday, July 24.

*“In the olden days, women cover themselves up when performing gospel songs in church, but in this era, women lift their breast to dance to

“We have been able to stand temptations. We have done better than the old gospel musicians. In the olden days, you can’t lift your breast while praise service is ongoing in church.”

He said the temptations contemporary gospel musicians are enduring can’t be compared to the olden days. For him, women were covered up in the olden days but the new era witness naked women.

“During the days in the Bible, Peter preached to women who had covered themselves from head to toe. These days, women show a lot of flesh during worship. We are doing better. You cannot compare the temptations in the olden days to today.”

He said he quit standing in to accept offerings during church service due to how women carry themselves.

“I’ve stopped standing in to accept offerings in the church because the kind of walking ladies walk during that period is unacceptable. The new era gospel artistes deserve awards because of how we have been able to stand temptations.”

Source : pulse.com

The church today has become a place of exhibition. This ladies comes in with all kinds of hot dressings, exposing almost half of their bodies. How can men keep their cool in times like this? It is very difficult indeed. There is this special way they’ll package their breast and if you don’t take care, you’ll lose your anointing. :grin:

It doesn’t even make sense, how can you say this and think you deserve anything for that matter, is a church, if the walking dog the ladies arouses you then don’t look

Lol. Where do you go to church bro? If you go to Anglican, Methodist and Catholic, it’s likely you won’t see much. But when you find yourself in churches like Action Chapel, Lighthouse, ICGC, then you’ll understand him. It’s not easy man.

These children of Jazebel who can make the pastor be saying hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah not because he is in the spirit oooo, rather what he is seeing, hmmmmmm only heaven knows.
In order for the man to save his soul, he must just halt.