“I’ve been divorced for 20 years & not found anyone yet; biggest mistake I ever made” – Woman laments

A woman who has been single and searching for a life partner for the past twenty years after hastily divorcing her husband is advising fellow women who intend to walk out of their marriages to think through it properly.

According to her loosening her grip on her then-husband was the “biggest mistake I ever made” because all her efforts over the past two decades to find his replacement have been fruitless.

The woman identified as @hipmom56 on Twitter disclosed this while responding to another lady with username @derrytweets, who announced that she filed for divorce from her husband of 21 years.

@derrytweets wrote: “After 21 years married, I’ve asked my husband for a divorce. I feel happy and excited about a new chapter!”

Then @hipmom56 decided to warn her before she turns a deaf ear to her caution.
“Well, let me just say, you’ll be extremely lucky if a new chapter is waiting for you. I’ve been divorced for 20 years and I haven’t found anyone yet. The biggest mistake I ever made,” she wrote in reaction to @derrytweets’ tweet.

These are some of the things made marriages unattractive to me. :rofl:. Sometimes I feel like all this dating is even a complete waste of time. :rofl: :rofl:

These things depend on each of the partners. The husband must love his wife and the wife must respect her husband. If you follow these two basic rules, you’ll be fine

That is why you should also marry the right person because, sometimes you may be willing to play your part but the other partner wouldn’t

Incase of such situations where you’re already married, you should resort to dialogue rather than divorce