'I Sheepishly, Naïvely Trusted Akufo-Addo; He Conned Me Into Job' – 'My Only Regret In Life' - Says Martic Amidu

Former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu has said “the only regret I have in life is to have trusted President Nana Akufo-Addo in such a sheepish manner as to have allowed him to have conned me into agreeing to be his Special Prosecutor in a naïve but sincere belief on my part that he was intent on fighting corruption and was also against using the process of criminal justice administration as an instrument of political discrimination against his political opponents”.

In a sequel to his harangue against Attorney General Godfred Dame for saying in a Metro TV interview that as deputy attorney general, he saved Mr Amidu from the threats of a legal suit filed by opposition MP Dominic Ayine with regard to his age qualification for the job of SP, the former Attorney General said: “The position and status of Special Prosecutor was not one I would ordinarily have agreed to be nominated and appointed to after declining nomination for the Supreme Court in 1999 as I indicated on oath at my vetting but for the fact the President invited, cajoled, promised, and assured me that the appointment was going to be on terms personal to me and vowed to ensure my independence and that of the office.