I’m expecting another set of twins but not with Vanessa – Funny Face reveals

Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face, has revealed he is about to father another set of twins in his latest interview on Daybreak Hitz show on Hitz FM, Monday.

According to him, during his time of depression and loneliness, he had a lady who took care of him and their relationship eventually resulted in a pregnancy.

He told Andy Dosty, “I’m expecting another twins, two boys but not with Vanessa. When everything was happening, there was one girl who felt like she wanted to be there for me and everything. We were there for each other and it happened and now there are two boys coming [SIC].”

He explained that the fact that he is having another set of twins with this new lady does not mean he will not go ahead to marry Vanessa, the mother of his three girls.

“The twins coming won’t change anything. I have decided that I won’t love deeply again. From today, I am just going to give women twins,” he jokingly said.

Funny Face and Vanessa have a set of twins and one other girl. The couple welcomed their third child in November after they split due to some misunderstandings.

The actor shortly after welcoming his third child apologised to his baby mama and in December promised to marry her.

Source: myjoyonline .com

Now ebi like say u learn sense. Next time go and fall in love with all ur body, soul and spirit. Congratulations :clap: to you for the up coming twins if only u are not deceiving the public. Since u these celebrities do and say things to attract public attention.

Is funny face still coming to Media and saying things, after he promised not to bring his family’s issue into public domain. I hope his bipolar is reduced and back to normal. The same baby Mama with another set of twins? Eii kasoa Vandam

You can’t decide not love deeply. The love pulls you bro. You won’t even know when you are very deep.

Love no catch you before ahhhh haaaaa ahhhh haaaaa :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
And we have locked :lock: our hearts and have thrown the keys away ooooo :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

This is no news if funny face has decided to go on an impregnating spree … we support him . I mean he’s not married to Vanessa and as he claims , he’s having another baby mama, my problem is when the depression kicks in again with all the pressure piling up, we won’t be here to support him