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I’m a son of God’ – Koku Anyidoho reacts to his dismissal from NDC

Samuel Koku Anyidoho, the former General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress has issued a cryptic reply to the party’s decision to expel him.

In a social media post shortly after the statement confirming his dismissal was made public, Anyidoho likened himself to the biblical Joseph who was sold by his brothers but turned out to the be saviour of the family.

In a tweet, he said “When Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery; they did not know they were selling him into his God-given destiny to become a Prime Minister in Egypt. What evil men mean for wickedness; God turns it around for good. I am a Son of God.”

The CEO of the Atta Mills Institute was sacked by the NDC following a recommendation by the party’s Functional Executive Committee.

In a July 27 statement issued by General Secretary, Asiedu Nketia, the party ordered Koku Anyidoho to return every party property in his possession.

“The Functional Executive Committee (FEC) acting in compliance of Article 48(1) of the NDC Constitution unanimously adopted the report and accepts full responsibility for your expulsion from the party,” the letter said.

“You are, therefore, by the decision of FEC expelled from the National Democratic Congress and for that matter you are no more recognised as a member the party and cannot carry yourself as such.”

But renowned pollster, Ben Ephsonhas suggested that Koku Anyidoho could seek redress in court.

“If you look at what has been done concerning Allotey Jacobs and Atubiga I think that I saw it coming. I wasn’t surprised at all. I think that unlike Allotey and Atubiga, he may decide to challenge his expulsion in the law court,” he told TV3.


He should stop comparing himself to Joseph in the bible. They are not mates. Joseph didn’t talk anyhow like he does. If you find yourself in a group, you go by their principles and ideologies. Anything short of this will only get you punished. He should rather work on his communication skills rather than seeking redress in court.

Who is a son or daughter of Satan? We are children of God so stop the sentiment. You are goofing even in expulsion. You are not humble or repentant of your bad behavior but you are quick to call God into this.

You can be a son of anything. What matters is that the NDC held your balls to it and you are being punished. You are out of the party for good. Listening to on radio makes me wonder if loyalty and respect existed in your blood

His style of politicking is best suited for NPP. I hope he get drafted by them soon. He will be a very valuable asset to them with the way he talks.

This is some bold move charley , he means his comeback will be flabbergasting, I don’t believe in his theory of being Joseph but I hope it comes through just to see the faces of Asiedu Nketia and the other members.