I’ll prefer to wear my own shoes – Kissi Agyebeng on Martin Amidu comparison

For the Special Prosecutor nominee, Kissi Agyebeng, carving a unique style of fighting corruption in the country when given the nod is very important.

According to him, he desires to “be his own man” to execute strategies per his “experiences and professional training.”

The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, compared the appointee to his predecessor, asking, “How prepared are you to fall into the heavy shoes of Martin Alamisi Amidu given his enormous experience and background?”

In response, Mr Agyebeng said, “Honourable Chair, I will prefer to wear my own shoes. In the sense that I am my own man, and I am coming with my own experiences and professional training.

“In this quest, my conscience and my learning of the law are going to be my guide,” he told Parliament’s Appointments Committee on Thursday.

The nominee further pledged to be an anti-graft crusader who will ensure that the canker becomes very costly to undertake.

Acknowledging that the mission of combating the practice will be difficult, Mr Agyebeng expressed his commitment to ask the “tough” questions and hold public officers accountable to save the country’s purse.

“You have my firm commitment. But, you know, corruption is secretive and very, very complex. Most of the time, it transcends national boundaries. So unless the participants of the corrupt activity are opening up to you, it is very difficult on your own to establish that these funds came about unlawfully.

“And so, as I keep saying, if I were to place the burden on you, matched against your lawful income and you cannot reasonably explain the shortfall as to how your lawful income falls short of your wealth, then I will be asking you questions, then I will be calling you in,” he stated.

Ah well maybe he’s got balls that Martin let’s see, if he claims to be as hard as he is claiming to be for the first year in power. I hope he gets appointed

He has started running away from the issues oo anaa, Martin Amidu was bold and fearless in his work for that office. The new prosecutor has to make his stance clear on some of this issues. It’s not a matter of wearing your own shoes