I just hope JM will not say the appointment was his idea. Reactions as USA appoints Dr. Adutwum

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One thing that has been going recently is that anytime the current Government does something, then the flag bear of the NDC during the 2020 election and the former president of the country country come out to claim that he had an idea about that. This has been going on for a while a you will bear witness with me. It’s not only the former president but also, some of the NDC gurus have been claiming they have an idea of doing everything the NPP government does.

After this news was posted in Social Media, Ghanaians have been left with an option of commenting and the kind of comments coming out are very interesting ones. Due to the current education system of our dear Nation, many people have cautioned him not to go and disgrace Ghana by performing badly. Some too have noted that it’s because I’m f the good he is doing for the Country that has landed him this appointment so he should go and continue with that good work.

One of the commentators who seemed to be following what the NDC and John Mahama have been doing wrote " I hope JM will not say the appointment was his idea."

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Must we be Petty and overly political about everything in Ghana, ? Even the water we drink is all politics induced. The minister had a top appointment because of his hard work and personal track records. Let’s pray for him to succeed and stop this social media antics

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