‘I Gave My Abusive Severe Beatings & Now He Is Afraid Of Me’ – Lady Says

A lady has taken to social media to reveal what is happening in her home currently.

The post was made by the renowned social media relationship coach and expert, Auntie Momoza and according to the lady, her husband is an abusive husband who took the opportunity to beat her always.

However, this has changed and it changed since the time she gave this abusive man some severe beating to the point that his front teeth went off.

The post reads;

“Hi Auntie Momoza. Please hide my identity. My husband has been abusive for years, so one night he tried to hit me and I ducked and hit him hard. He fell and I beat him until he lost his front teeth. Ever since then he has never laid his hand on me. My problem is he seems to be scared of me now and I feel guilty. When he makes a mistake he apologises quickly before I can even open my mouth. I’m not an abusive person and I want him to be himself.”

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Eiii chairman lost his front teeth :tooth::joy::joy::joy:and why should chairman be afraid because of that small beatings he received :joy::joy::joy: next time make he punch :boxing_glove: harder den go to jail :joy::joy::joy:

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Buh to be sincere I don’t see yy you should be abusing you wife. Sometimes they need to be corrected buh no to that extent of beatings

First of all I don’t know the reason why as a man you need to hit your wife or a woman in the first place. His ego and pride is fucken bruised …in fact it is ruined and can’t be repaired now after his wife striked back.
There is nothing the man can do, I’m sure he is still in shock that her wife did that and he fears to abuse her now. The woman fought and gained her freedom

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There is one thing that some men don’t know and that is, when you hit women generally. The moment as a man you hit a woman you’re no longer a man and you’ve lost your respect as well. Some men needs to learn to respect women and that’s stop abusing them here and there. His wife giving him what he deserves has made her wife gained independence from such an abusive husband.

Bro in this case right here the husband use to beat the wife until the wife retaliated. Through the retaliation has made her wife gain her freedom from the abusive husband now the man fears to repeat such acts against the woman :joy:

Yea my brother. Now there will be no respect for him again because the woman will say after all I can beat him

As for respect the man should forget about it, it has been lost already. The man also never knew her wife could retaliate and is in fear that the next beatings he will receive from his wife if he tries to abuse her might pull out the rest of his teeth :joy::joy:

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