I fear going broke in the future

Highlife singer Kuami Eugene has opened up about his life after he became a celebrity. According to him, most people try to advise him on how to use his money in a profitable venture.

Kuami Eugene

In a chit-chat with Amansan Krakye, he’s constantly reminded by the elderly that he might go broke in the future.

Speaking on Kastle FM’s Entertainment Show, Kuami Eugene said “It comes with a little pressure that is if you are a celebrity like you asked me.

“Because everyone wants to tell you what to do with your money. Every elderly person you meet has an idea as to what you must use the money for,” he added.

“Everyone wants to remind you that if you don’t use the money reasonably you might end up broke in future. So basically being a celebrity comes with that pressure,” he ended.

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lmao. please. doesn’t everyone have that pressure? figuring out what to do so that you have money in the future/for retirement? he’s lucky he has the money he has to enjoy now, there are so many businesses he could start that would be profitable.

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You spot on senior, there are opportunities and investments he can use monies he’s making now on. The fear of failure is everybody’s nightmare but planning well can help in a way though not guaranteed.

Nothing is guaranteed in the end , we just pray things work out well in future.

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And I’m sure he can afford some of the best financial advisors to guide him on what he should do. i get the annoyance of having everyone tell you what they think you should do, but hes still in a better position than most people.

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He can start a chain of barbering shops, it’s something that’ll always be in demand, people will always cut their hair, that’s something I plan to do, doesn’t sound ambitious but if you start a chain and brand it you’ll be good. I hope it works out for me though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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it definitely will. especially if, like you said, you make it a chain.

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