I drank DDT and cement due to heartbreak – Lady Reveals

Shop attendant, Constance Atta has shared her heartbreak story with SVTV Africa stating that she drank DDT and cement but survived it.

In a chat with the host of Daily Hustle DJ Nyaami, Constance indicated that her boyfriend of two years cheated on her and impregnated another woman.

According to Constance, her ex was very kind and even gave her money to start a business. While preparing for marriage, he told her that he can’t marry her anymore “because he has impregnated another lady and is six months gone.” As a result, they had to part ways.

“I asked my friend to buy me DDT for me to trap rats but I drank it. Same with cement. I mixed it with water and drank it too. I loved him so much that I wanted to commit suicide but nothing happened,” she revealed.

Constance disclosed that before they broke up, she got pregnant three times but lost all three. She was advised to stay off work till the end of her first trimester.

Kindly watch the video below

Obviously she didn’t drink enough DDT.

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I know right :joy::joy::joy:. But honestly makes you do things you don’t imagine doing. Heartbreak really kills. A relationship which doesn’t have a future should not attach commitment because in the long run it may lead to a heartbreak and eventually death.

It’s good for her. She’ll learn. My heart was broken when I was around 22 or so, since then I never enter any relationship with all my heart, never been heartbroken since, but she learned this lesson too late.

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Yeah, that’s her own cup of DDT :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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This lady is lying. How can you drink DDT and cement and you would still be alive. Some of the things are just hype

Hahaaaa ashock sef. That’s why I said she didn’t drink enough or eat enough cement. nka this interview won’t be happening.