“I dare you to drop a hit song” – Samini charges on Shatta Wale who is now struggling to drop a banger (Screenshot)

High Grade family boss, Samini, has revamped his old time beef with Shatta Wale in a fresh tweet that has been spotted on his twitter page and we are all aware that unforgiving and savage Shatta Wale will give him a dose of his own drug very soon.

In this new tweet which will definitely send the two to the war front once again, Samini ridiculed Shatta Wale for struggling to drop a hit song although he has dropped more than 30 singles this year.

Samini further asserted** Shatta Wale** has been using his influence to scam some ‘big men’ in the country and he’s pricy to such secret information.

He wrote;

Everyday daddy daddy daddy then you Dey take scam the big men. Dem see you oo @shattawalegh dem just Dey watch. You no see say some of dem stop Dey pay Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy see you like ooo alo lo lo alo lo lo .,in your own voice to you Face with tears of joy drop a hit I dare you. Like I go drop 6 hits in a day

Meanwhile, Shatta Wale and the CEO of Three Music Awards have also been dirtying themselves on the internet for the past 5 days.

This followed after Shatta Wale accused the showbi entrepreneur of sleeping with prostiyutes and also giving him 11 awards just because of the laothe he has for Sarkodie and Stonebwoy


Olu dey want hype oo. I dey love this Showbizz move ruff.:fire::fire::microphone:


This dare dier something dey behind it ooo. Samini dey standing on something. He dey wan kill shatta ein career. But Shatta too for respond with a banger err. Ana, no more hit song in his repertoire😺

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I think the hit song will be in the album. This album them postponed saaa :joy::joy::joy:. Buh I know surely say some banger for come again

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Let’s wait and see if some bangers will come from him😁

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