I cannot date a responsible man if he is broke – BBN Star, Tacha

I cannot date a responsible man if he is broke – BBN star, Tacha

BBN Star, Tacha

BBN star Tacha has been very candid about the partner she wants. And according to her, a poor but responsible man doesn’t qualify on her list.

During an interview with TVC ‘YourView’, Natacha Aikido, popularly known as Tacha, revealed that she cannot be in a relationship with a broke man. And that is why she is currently single because her market is expensive.

Tacha said, “I’m sorry I cannot date a responsible but broke man. Everyone has his or her own spec when it comes to relationships. So I want them to go for their spec. As for me, My market is expensive. My man must be expensive, hardworking, sweet, encouraging and God-fearing. The Tacha market is deliberate, very intentional and has to look powerful.”

She also advised women not to limit themselves because they want to attract the male gender. Tacha urged women to live their lives and take the courtship from a man as a complementary addition.

“Don’t live your life for men, a guy getting attracted to you should be a plus to you as a woman,” she concluded.

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That’s indeed her choice. I hope she is not broke herself because, we are no more dating broke girls anymore. This gender always want to play smart. :joy: If you don’t have money as a lady, go and look for your mate. Our market is expensive too. :joy: :joy:

:joy::joy:… I think I kinda agree with her in her cause because she is a top class slay queen. She has a standards and her expectations are high… so obviously, she can’t go for someone who is below her class. There will be no respect in the relationship. She will feel she is in charge and she will control everything including the man

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Standards? They are the same people who will come and say all men are dogs after they’ve been abused.

This is the mentality of most of our Ladies of today. Doesn’t matter how hard to man is pushing , the moment he’s broke or bankrupt, he’s not a man enough. Sadly, dependent ladies like Tacha has following on social media taking her useless advice to young women. Instead of encouraging women to work hard and earn on their own; you saying their source of income and well-being must come from someone’s son.

Say that again,. @rkay , people like Tacha will always go through relationship abuse and probably being used for money rituals cos of the mindset she carries.

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Haha, I’m wondering what she’ll say if she meets a man who’s rich but not responsible. Is it all about the money or it’s about money + responsible. With this attitude she might die single and regret. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way welcome to OF! Hopefully you enjoy your stay here :slight_smile:

I see say boys bore the BBA Naija’s Tacha but bro , this utterances should motivate you to make money. No lady wants to suffer with broke man so just focus and make your life worthwhile. Me I don’t blame her making such comments oo, it’s just the mirror of what the society is. Money is the answer to everything in Africa, including foolishness.

It is better to live with a broke man that will love and care for you than someone who is rich and will abuse you.

Are you sure rich people abuse women or its just a prejudice perception? I think broke and poor people abuse women mostly because they are broke and angry. A hungry man is an angry man. A rich belly full man is a happy man bro :joy::joy:

Wei ala? Wei. I guess, by her statement, you can date a rich irresponsible man. Wei, y3 de Grammy?

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Nominations nu kraaa mpo eb3 ye din

I also can’t date a beautiful lady who is broke period :shushing_face:

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Her statement even tells she is not responsible

Exactly. Marrying is woman like this is a whole issue altogether. She is just going to become a liability at home