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I Am Never Going To Australia. More Scary Picture That Make Us Say Nope To Australia

While most people associate Australia with cute koalas and bouncing kangaroos, that is not the case. The land down under is filled with some of the most dangerous animals and insects on the planet. From giant spiders to venomous snakes, these animals make you want to run away and say “nope,” which is why people are calling it the “land of nope.” We found some of the scariest creatures to show you how scary Australia really is. Continue reading to see what people encounter on a daily basis in the great Outback.

“Just Hanging Out”

This is the grey-headed flying fox. It is a megabat native to Australia. They are not dangerous to humans because they usually eat nectar and pollen from eucalyptus trees.

Someone found this bat hanging outside their house because it was stopping to dry itself off. Once it was dry, he flew away.

A Friendly Visitor

From far away, this might appear to be a crocodile, but it is actually a type of giant lizard. This is the lace monitor who was probably looking for some rats to snack on.

They aren’t extremely dangerous unless they are provoked. We can’t imagine the feeling of coming home and finding this waiting at your front door.

Crocodile Vs. Python

What happens when an olive python encounters a crocodile; the python will usually win, according to these photos.

These pythons are known for their large and sometimes overly ambitious appetite. It is kind of weird when you suddenly feel bad for the crocodile.

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

This kangaroo has been hitting the gym, and he looks like he had been preparing for a fight. He is flexing for his fans.

You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Instead of Jaws, we will call this saltwater crocodile Chompers. The rivers in Australia are filled with these massive creatures.

You Have Something On Your Back.

Do you think he is aware of the massive stick bug on his shoulder? This is the stuff of nightmares, although these bugs aren’t harmful.

Spider Frost, Enough Said

During the rainy season in Australia, you should start taking walks with hairspray and a lighter to avoid this creepy spider frost.

Major Nope!

This is how Australians make sure their electricity meter doesn’t get read. We would not want to be the employee who had to encounter that.

Just Get Rid Of The Toilet

When toddlers are learning how to potty train, it can be scary because there are fears that something will come out of the toilet and eat you. This fear probably started after they saw this photo.

Frogs Hitching A Ride On A Python

Remember ants on a log (raisins on a peanut butter covered celery stick just in case you haven’t)? Well, now there are frogs on a python. These frogs were too lazy to continue hopping, so they risked their lives and used the python as transportation.

Dead Whale About To Explode

We would not want to be anywhere near this dead whale considering it is about to explode. It is going to be a very ugly site in a matter of minutes.

When whales die, gas builds up inside of their stomachs as they decompose, which eventually leads to them exploding.

Chilli Pepper Or Slug?

While it may look dangerous, it is harmless and only feeds on plants and fruits. These brightly colored slugs are on the endangered list.

Midnight Snake Snack

You would think that the frog would be afraid of the snake, but not in the case of the green tree frog.

Unwelcome Customer

The people in this store seem so unbothered by this extra-long snake slithering into the clothing store.

March Of The Hairy Caterpillar

The march of the hairy caterpillars is a wonderful site to see, but you do not want to touch those fuzzy white hairs.

Earthworms In Australia Be Like…

The soil must be very rich in Australia with earthworms like this one. Just think of how many fish you could catch with a worm this size.

Unidentified Object

Two people were walking along the beach when they discovered this sea anemone. You might have heard this word before because this is the thing that Nemo and Marlin live inside in Finding Nemo.

The anemone delivers a painful sting if you touch it like a jellyfish. It is unclear how this one washed up on shore because they are usually attached to coral reefs.

Crocodile Vs Shark

This is not something you see every day unless you live in Australia. The crocodile found a young bull shark to eat for a snack.

Lunch With A Side Of Poisonous Snake

This is the last thing you would want to find in your child’s lunchbox. This little snake is very deadly.

The child asked for snacks, but her mom heard snakes instead. What would you do as a teacher if a child had a snake in their lunchbox?

Even The Ceiling Lamps Are Out To Get You

This snake was so rude and invited himself into this person’s home without being invited. He even was peeping to see if there was a person in the shower.

How did it manage to get into the house and up on the lighting fixture?

The Land Where Hail Can kιll You

These pieces of hail are larger than billiard balls. Those things can seriously injure or kιll a person if they are hit in the head.

What did Australia do to mother nature for her to make it the land of nightmares? Besides all the snakes and spiders, they also get to have horrible hail.

Might As Well Move

Like we said earlier, always check the toilet before you sit down because there might be a snake sleeping in there.

The snake decided to make the toilet bowl his new home so no one else can use it now.

Highly Venomous Octopus On Someone’s Hand

Besides giant spiders and venomous snakes, Australia is also known for the blue-ringed octopus. We don’t know why this person would pick up a venomous animal.

The blue-ringed octopus is considered one of the most venomous creatures in the ocean. If you ever encounter them, swim away!

Australia: Where Bugs Are Bigger Than Birds

Although these stick bugs are not dangerous, they are pretty creepy to come face to face with. They also blend into their surroundings so you could easily miss it at first.

These bugs can be the size of a small dog, which seems like something that would come out of a horror movie.

Alien Or Spider?

This giant spider looks like one of the face hugger from the movie Alien. We would never open that door or window ever again after seeing this spider hanging out.

If it were us, we would just turn around, pack our stuff, and move somewhere else.

Meanwhile In Australia

Remember those megabats that are the size of small children, well they are the prey of a boa constrictor.

This is only a site you would see in the land down under. The snake must be thinking that he caught Dracula, just look at that hand!

Large Termite Mound

This is not a rock, it is a picture of a termite mound located in northern Australia. Termites are known for building some of the tallest structures compared to any other animal.

These structures are stronger than cement. It is one of the less scary things that can be found in Australia.

Never. Going. To. Australia

These spiders keep getting bigger and bigger. After seeing this, we are creating Australia off our bucket lists.

The person who took this picture was visiting Australia for the first time, and his friend asked how his trip was going. He replied with this picture, and that’s the only answer you need.

Hungry Hungry Frog

Like the game “Hungry Hungry Hippos,” this frog is hungry and is munching down on a snake.

It is an interesting choice of a midnight snack, but you do what you have to do when you are hungry in the wild.

Weaving A Web

This is the net casting spider who looks like he is playing cat’s cradle. In reality, the spider is waiting for prey to fly in the web and get stuck.

Now we know where all these scary SiFi movies get their ideas, the writers take a trip to Australia for inspiration.

Burn That Shirt

Apparently, the flies in Australia are much worse than the spiders. These pesky bugs will not leave you alone.

They have all gathered on this man’s jacket, and just looking at this photo makes our skin crawl.

Why Are There So Many Giant Spiders

The white body and the black legs of this spider make it look much scarier than the other spiders.

Although this golden orb spider is scary, the venom is not strong enough to kιll a human.

Black Millipedes Invading Southwest Australia

Every winter, Australians in the southwestern region have to worry about the invasion of black Portuguese millipedes.

This is just one of the many things Australians have to look forward to in the Winter. They are creepy and smell very bad.

When You Feel A Little Tickle On Your Leg

What would you do if you felt something crawling on your leg and looked down to find this? We would be running, screaming, and flailing our legs all over the place.

The stick bug probably thought that this person’s leg was part of a tree. Luckily, these insects are harmless.

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