How will you spend $1,000,000 as a Ghana man?

With the little survey I did this few days ago, I believe most Ghanaians are keen to travel and stay abroad even if they are rich and comfortable in Ghana, and the reason is that they believe the system is so broken it’s easy to end up broke again after earning the $1,000,000 dollars.

And I totally concur with them. But I also think it’s not easy out there is we’ve been made to believe. But also , I believe you can make it work both ways but why spend it in another country.

It’s this kind of typical ideas that’s made our leaders neglect their duties whiles roaming about in Foreign countries with tax payers money. Fix the country and there will be no reason to leave.

Let me hear you thoughts, how will you spend your $1,000,000

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Hmm chale my plans are bigger than this amount of money but I’ll manage it with some big industrial companies


What kind of industry are you eyeing… seems like most industries in Ghana have been choked … or?

Interesting, but why forex trading and crypto trading, why not real estate or industry?

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Food supplements a very big one paaooo

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