How to prepare jollof within 30 minutes


Rice :rice:
Pepper :hot_pepper: 🫑 (powdered)
Onions :onion:
Tomatoes :tomato: (thin)
Meat :cut_of_meat: or fish
Carrots :carrot:
Lettuce :leafy_green:
Salt :salt:

Many of you might be wondering how will preparing jollof in 30mins be possible? It’s very possible just follow the recipe below and you will get a delicious and hot jollof within 30mins


You will start by setting up a fire, you then rinse and keep a cooking pan on fire.
Pour a little amount of oil into the pan add some few sliced onions and tomatoes stir for a second .
Dice your meat or fish( I prefer sausage) and pour it into the oil stir and wait for 30second to get a cooked sausage

After the sausage is cooked scoop it and keep it in a bowl and cover it for a later purpose. You then add your preferred cup of rice into the oil add a reasonable quantity of water, stir through, you then add your thin tomatoes, a measured amount of salt and pepper . Stir it and cover it.

Make sure to check and stir the food on fire frequently till your 30mins is up.
Whilst your jollof is on fire get your vegetables, thus; your carrots, lettuce, and onions rinse, chop and dice them into preferred shapes. NB; We don’t use knife on lettuce so you just tear them with your hands.

When the jollof is cooked add your sausage and chopped vegetables to it, stir and take it off the fire. Your jollof is ready in just 30mins

Please comment in the comment section for more simple recipe


:ghana: jollof > :nigeria: jollof


Is this your own recipe? Every jollof recipe I’ve come across is different.

I will try this your recipe tomorrow in the evening
I hope it works out 3ny3 saa?:joy:
Just pray it works waii


Why don’t we use knife on lettuce?

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I think I know this one
It’s because it becomes bitter when you use a knife or a metal on it. For the reason it becomes bitter de3 let’s leave it to the chef himself


If I start to post my recipe here , trouble oo. Anyways, I’m not a lover of jollof rice this recipe looks nice to try. The ladies here should get it done and invite the members to come eat.

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Bleda Nono @Kusie_Maame_Twe are you going to teach us how to prepare kusie (rat) soup​:joy::joy:. Please leave the food section to our chefs na some of us our beginners and are now learning from them​:joy:

So me paa what food can I prepare ei​:joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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Let’s learn from the cooks errh na most of us can’t cook anything that is why I am happy with this food section

Yes please my own recipe
You can try it at home I have done it several times though your first try won’t be perfect :ok_hand:

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Eeish saa den am better oo

Na 30 mins be far now reduce the time pls
15 is not bad

So how do u survive without cooking

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I work in a restaurant so am always busy cooking something and I haven’t stayed a day without cooking something so I don’t know if I can do without preparing food


Jollof is my best rice dish.

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Oh pls this question wasn’t directed to u, it was directed to the ladies who don’t know how to cook and besides to us guys, 30 minutes is too long for us to prepare food.

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The longer it takes, the better it tastes.
Don’t be eating junk food

Woboa, u haven’t eaten any food that has wasted your time before.

And what do u understand by junk food, boi