How To Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage Lifetime Free | [100% WORKING]

Hello, Omanba tech lords. In this post, i am going to show you How to Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage Lifetime Free in 2021.

But before I continue, Please Note: This is a method I tested literally 5 minutes ago to confirm that it works 100% for you. But I cannot guarantee that it will work in say the next 5 months etc. So enjoy.

  1. Simply go here: *****

  2. Enter the name you wanna use for your unlimited google drive account

  3. Enter the gmail address you wanna use.

  4. (Optional) You can choose a color skin for your account or even set it at random

  5. Click Submit!

Viola. You got your Unlimited Google Drive Storage & itÅ› for a Lifetime. Please note that Google Drive cannot be used to store unsafe or illegal content. Doing so will get your account deleted.

Maybe next time i will share how to upload movies using RDP and turn your GDrive into a streaming platform. :slight_smile: