How many programmers in our midst?

I’m genuinely curious how many programmers we have on OF? What languages are you using/learning and what kind of applications are you writing? :thinking:


@siaw , JavaScript

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Hi @danielamissah :wave:t5:, welcome to OF :heart:

How long have you been working with JS? Do you use any framework?


Thanks @siaw , I have been in it for about 6 months now. I have been on and off with it, been stuck in the “tutorial hell”. For frameworks, I hope to use React, React Native, Next and Express. These are the ones that interest me, at least for now. How about you



Yeah getting stuck with tutorials is common for a lot of people. You’ll break out eventually; best way to break out is to build something (or a few toys) yourself and your confidence will soar.

I’ve been doing JS for about 12 years now (not continually though). Not an expect React developer but have worked with it (and Express minimally) :slight_smile:
Haven’t gone close to Angular because I dislike it :stuck_out_tongue:

We can discuss JS stuff here if you fancy that kind of stuff :smiley:


Most definitely, I really fancy it. Been trying to build something for myself but I’m not able to do so without a tutorial. I have restarted the JS fundamentals again.
Happy to learn of your progress. Happy for you bro :blush:

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What resources are you using to learn? I can recommend a few good ones (that I used) if it’s not in your list.

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I have tons of video resources. I tried to use as well. But sure, I’d love to hear your recommendations as well


So I’m a fan of books. I’ve used quite a few but the best that come to mind right now is

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
JavaScript For Impatient Programmers
You Don’t Know JS

These are what I’d personally recommend. I bought the first 2 and pirated the last one but thinking of buying them at some point because I learned from it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hehehe. Got it. Taking a look at them. The last part of your post though :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


my hobby is coding here General I count as 1 you are not alone

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JavaScript as well? :slight_smile:

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@siaw, JavaScript

Looks like we have lots of people doing JS here. How about we do some some code contest for OF programmers?

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Well, I am into Python. Did a bit of JS for a semester or two but not really into it.

@siaw is JS a stand alone language like C++ or Java or it must always be used for scripting with HTML or other languages?

No. You can use JS for server-side app, mobile apps even. Like with Node.js or (renders with native code though but still JS)

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Hi everyone, i’m benny from cape coast. I’m a fullstack developer and a software engineering student at NIIt, Takoradi.


welcome to OF @benny

What stack do you work with? :slight_smile:

Do you know JS? Would you join our coding contest if we organise one?

Hey @siaw , it won’t be bad to have a coding contest. I’ll happy to be a part of it