How loneliness penetrates 😔

Didn’t want to do this because of them toxic comments some of you make in the comment section but I think I need help.
Has anyone been a position where you make someone your first choice but you are never theirs? (in friendship, I mean)

So I have been kind of an outcast since primary (I am in level 300 now)…not the sociable type of person but I was open but not friendly (you could start a convo with me but I would never get out of my comfort zone to start one with you). I was the type who would die and no one would even know. My mom has always been pushing me to open up and make friends but I just can’t (even with my cousins, it’s the same). This happened all the way to SHS.

Fast forward to the university, I decided to start anew, start a whole new adventure where no one knows me (my school is not that big). Met these new roommates, approached for the first time in my life with a blubby nature. They all seemed cool (they are cool yeah) but then I managed to find myself out of ‘our’ circle. I started feeling lonely so I always make sure I go home where I feel happiest with my video games and peace of mind, the least chance I get. But anytime I come back, I feel I’m further drifting apart from them (I feel they don’t even care about me hmm). The few friends I had, I pushed them away because of trust issues (which I’ll talk about later). No friends, no boyfriend, my sisters don’t live with my parents and my parents hmmm

I don’t know why I’m posting this but the loneliness…I can’t take it anymore. And it’s depressing. Maybe I am meant to be a loner and die one.

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You are not meant to be a loner. It may trust issues or the fear of being hurt by anyone, I agree. But the thing is, until you get out of your “comfort-zone”, how will you make any progress in terms of finding and building friendships, etc? You need ‘step out’ and meet people, that way, you can things for yourself. Aside your family, I think everyone deserves to have some people you can trust and talk to anytime. Hope this helps

Trust me you have a point there buh did you think about something that can happen within a moment where you will need friends to be there for you? Or do you think about something that they could help you from? . If you have taughts over this you , there would be a change of mind

Loneliness is a disorder and sickness that needs serious attention just as any killer disease we know. It kills even faster because when you are in solitude, a lot of negative energy ensues you, including suicide. We’ve all been disappointed or betrayed one way and the other but we can be living in the past. The future is even more existing if you give yourself a chance to trust and trust again. We have good people in the world. I can attest to this .


Hun you do need help, someone to talk to, a psychologist, counselor, a friend or anyone at all. Loneliness kills, a lot of people commit suicide day in day out due to loneliness.
You have taken a bold step by opening up here, I know it’s difficult to trust when you have been disappointed before but there are good people in the world too. Please try and talk to someone about thi🙏🏾


If trying to be sociable and accommodating isn’t working, just don’t sweat it. Do your thing. Play your video games and read more books. Sometimes you are better off this way. Humans beings are dangerous anyway. :smirk: