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How in God's name did they get the E-Levy passed?

I now understand how heartless the NPP government is. Upon all the suffering the citizens of Ghana are going through, few bald headed people(136) has foolishly passed this E-Levy sh*t. How many Ghanaians in this country can afford 3 squared meals in this deteriorating economy?
Exerting extra suffering on us shows how autocratic this NPP government is, upon all the pleas of the people for them not to pass this barbaric E-Levy. How can you tax electronic transactions whiles they’re already been taxed? There is absolutely no sense in that. I’m so done with MOMO!!! They should come to my house to collect that 1.75% :rage::rage:


When was the last time people stop complaining or starting saying now our lives is perfect?

When the corona hit the idea of giving the vaccines out so fast was simple. Even if 5 dies, 10 will survive

I understand Ghanaians concern here but if you are passing a policy , you don’t have have to listen to the people. Because what they say is not consistence

Wait, the for every transaction you’ll be charged 15%? Are you sure about that? That will be too much for each single transaction.

The new electronic levy of 1.75 per cent will be applied to transactions that are more than GH¢100.00 on a daily basis (24 hours).

This has been scheduled in such a way that with every transaction of GH¢100.00 by a user, the E-levy deduction to government has to be applied.

For instance, if Maame Esi sends GH¢60.00 to Efua in the afternoon or morning and then later in the evening she sends another GH¢40.00 to Kojo, all summing up to GH¢100.00, then the levy will not be applied because the total is up to GH¢100.00 within a day’s transaction.

However, if the transaction within a day is more than GH¢100.00, that is when the levy kicks in. One thing you shouldn’t forget is, every transactions made, aside the usual charges paid, the E-Levy will be added or charged alongside the usual one which will count to about 2.25% charged one every transaction.

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I made a mistake. It’s 1.75% charged on any transactions exceeding Ghc100.00 aside the usual charges on any transaction.


I do understand your point of view but one thing I know is, over 90% of Ghanaians are United in opposing the view of passing this E-Levy. I know Ghanaians complain about everything but opposing the passage of E-Levy, majority of Ghanaians are more united than ever to reject the idea. Here we’re, it has been passed as urgent bill under the constitution and we can’t do anything about it.

Hahahahha… what kind of sh*t calculations is this? :smiley: … Only GHanaians will sit for this to be done to them.

We’re really suffering oo. Now everybody need to carry calculator around in Ghana whenever you’re going to make an Electronic transaction. :joy::joy:

If 90% were opposing the ideas as you’re saying, it wouldn’t get passed. By the way, Ghana is not democratic country, those we have are tyranny leadership who are doing what feels right for them not he citizens. I’m still surprise why Ghanaians go to the polls every four year to elect the same people who have disappointed them over and over again


There’s a name for that… gyimie.


We got members of parliament who refused to think about how to make things work. They always want the easy way out. The laws in the USA and other countries are written by individuals and supported by others. But in no, it’s never like that. The country always depends on loans. Adaen?

We did but it was never taken into consideration.

This particular thing hurt me the most knowing perfectly that, the upcoming election in 2024 will still go to the NDC or NPP as the winner. We always need change but rotating NPP and NDC shows that, we simply don’t understand and also not ready for the kind of change we’re yearning for.

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Worst sh*t is, you don’t see what they do with the loans too!

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Ghanaians apply more sentiment in their voting than logic reasoning , and that’s the reason why we’re still stuck at zero till date. Facts only

If it was only me in Ghana, nobody will go the poll to vote unless there’s a clear effective plan in place to begin with

But on a more serious note, I think Ghana we’re not serious, about last week people in Argentina were on the streets protesting against their government taking monies from the IMF, they were fighting their government, they KNOW the implications of the borrowing and they took to the streets, Ghana is like we don’t know what’s going on mpo. Most Ghanaians don’t even know what IMF is let alone get to the street to protest.

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Not even if they give you 50GHS? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: … I know what you mean, good luck translating that to the average Ghanaian.

This would have been very effective but the funny thing is, you all will plan not to step foot outside to vote but before you’ll know, one of them will pass by with a bag of rice and oil(bribe taken) with the little finger stained with indelible ink.

@siaw are you aware that E-levy has been used as collateral for loan long ago before parliament approved it yesterday? This has being the reason why the government made his mind not to listen to Ghanaians pleas not to pass the E-Levy.

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