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How far will you go if someone joked about your wife?

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock LIVE on TV for making a joke about his wife’s hair. Would you go this far? @Aharon @Emp_Sel @Danny @Quophi_Seek @ruffrider @Atinga :smiley:

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I don’t think I would. I mean, it can be irritating and to some extent, embarrassing but c’mon, what Will did was unnecessary. He should have had some constraints considering the fact that Chris Rock is a comedian.

But I think Chris Rock handled himself properly after the slap. He showed mastery over his emotions. Much respect!

Hmmmmm, saw this video. I hear there’s a lot of history in that slap. I think Will has been through a lot, and prolly still is. You notice Chris realised he went too far with this one and is prolly the reason why he just stood there for the slap and didn’t react. This also confirms just how much these people in the lam-light suffer psychological abuses and others contemplate extreme measures like süic!de and what not. “T’was just a G.I Jane joke”, really…at the expense of someone else’s pain (she suffers from alopecia I heard).

An article reads: Jada has previously opened up about being diagnosed with alopecia, a hair loss condition. She first opened up about it in 2018, and has since spoken up about her challenges of living with the condition on social media. She had said she had decided to cut her hair short after handfuls of it came out in the shower. “It was one of those times in my life where I was literally shaking in fear. That’s why I cut my hair, and why I continue to cut it,” she had said. It is an autoimmune disorder that impacts the hair follicles, resulting in both bald spots and hair loss.

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I tell you! I was impressed, really impressed with his maturity!

Yes, this is not the first time Chris has joked about Jada.

He knows he’s been joking about her too much. I think he expected something silly from Will.

I’m not on neither Chris’s side nor Will’s side.

First, you don’t joke about people health problems, that’s fucked up! Jada’s hair is falling out, something that freaks her out and you joke about it? Really???!?!

Second, that behaviour on national TV where people (maybe kids even) are watching is unacceptable!

Man, they both fucked up!

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I don’t think I would do that on live show but it still depends on the kind of words someone will say about my wife. But considering what happened to Will Smith wife Jada and August Alsina 3 years ago. You could see how Will Smith got hurt even on live show up to date. In matters like this, not everybody is strong enough to stand it. In all, I love Chris Rock’s calmness during the heated argument that’s just master class.

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What happened? …

people hold their own views about certain things. Even though what one may think is a joke another person will take it as an insult

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That’s right. Emotional intelligence!

@Danny with all the info in this world. This guy is a legend. Tell us what happened, boy. :smiley:

What happened between Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina was an entanglement. Everything started way back in 2015 when they met for the first time that’s, when Jada attended the Wireless Festival in London to support her two kids(Jaden and Willow Smith) who were performing. Between the period of 2015-2017, there were many allegations circulating about Jada and August having an affairs but they were denying those allegations.

In 2020 Jada Pinkett Smith together with Will Smith went to the Facebook watch show “Red Table Talk” and she spit out the truth and she said, “I had an entanglement with August” which went on for roughly four and a half years(2015-2020). Will Smith’s glared at Jada and it even become a meme. During that four and a half years, Jada claimed she was separated from Will Smith and that was why she was having that entanglement with August. The truth is, Will Smith broke down emotionally, physiologically and physically knowing the truth and you could sense he’s still hurt up to date. When Chris Rock made that joke about his wife when everything is going on smoothly between them, it did hurt him more and hence, the slap(That’s my point of view though). That’s all I know @siaw and @Emp_Sel

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Haha I think I need to join Ministry Of Information :joy:.
I got the meme on Will Smith facial expression on the Red Table Talk when Jada said she had an entanglement with August. Those memes were funny and sad because I hated to see one of my favorite actors Will Smith being sad.

That’s how he glared at Jada :point_up_2:t4::sweat_smile:

Those two are examples of the memes about Will Smith :grin::grin:

The reactions of those who were present at the Oscars when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage :joy::joy:. @siaw, @Emp_Sel, @Aharon, @ruffrider you guys need to see this.

@siaw come and see your man :joy::joy:

This is why they should have broken up for good. This is sh*t, and will get worse. I mean how do you take back your wife who’s been sleeping with another person for almost 5 years? That’s a break up already. Information wo wiaso oo. Hm…


He’s psychologically fucked!! I mean how would you feel finding out someone fucked your wife not once, but for 4.5 years? Hahahahahaha :rofl:

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It’s damn serious. Someone else using the engine you’ve bought(married) for 4.6 years ain’t a joke :joy::joy:.
Maybe Jada and Will Smith’s relationship is like trying to impact Knowledge and common sense into the brains of Ghanaian leaders. No matter the time they’ve been separated they still find a way to come back together and same applies to Ghanaian leaders. No matter what, Ghanaian leaders will never get separated from fooling.

Imagine Will Smith after everything and they’re in bed and Jada gives Will Smith a new style they’ve never tried before. Will Smith will be like, damn Jada did August teach you that? :joy::joy:

Herh, you blast!

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What baffles me is the way Chris handled the situation that level of self control charley … that was a ‘niqqa moment’ right there he could have ego up and react physically as well. But look how lay back he was and he continued like nothing happened. :raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5:. As for Will he should get away kraa there’s no excuse for what he did. That was a wrong move… and it being two black dudes just worsens the scenario we are rowdy everywhere. Such a shame.

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That’s what I thought. This kind of proves their point that blacks are violent