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How do we come to the conclusion that something is true?

If someone comes to you and present to you a piece of information he took from somewhere or something from his own creation, will you conclude that what he told you is true?

What if 50 people or better a thousand people came up to you and present you a piece of evidence, will you conclude that you found the truth?

What’s the difference between the two example that I made so far? You see, we humans don’t have the ability to tell which story or information is right or wrong. We all assume the legitimacy of a belief base on how popular or how widely spread that belief is, before we decide to accept it as truth.

A popular example is the Bible talks about the world god is true but that’s all, there no way other way around it

Ideas that spread wins. If you can get many people to accept your ideas, you can build an entire civilization around it

At the beginning of the western civilization we saw how the Bible was been smuggled into other part of the world, all that was been done with the purpose to force everyone to converge to a single view of reality.

So if truth is about numbers and how many individuals have accepted a piece of information as true, then we’re in big trouble

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