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How do I stake CAKE on Pancakeswap?

@siaw thanks so much for drawing my attention to this. Actually, its been more than 2 months and I’ve not checked the profit I’ve made so far. Can you please teach me how to switch my cake to the locked pool in other to get around 95% APY?

Sure, but if you got to CAKE’s main site you should see all the information you need to switch, if now I can have time next week to help you through, quite busy at this moment.

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Thanks so much for drawing my attention to it. I’m having difficulties with my computer and it will be fixed by 4-5 days from now, so I’m hoping by then you’ll be less busy to walk me through the process.

BTW did you change your cake pool to the locked one?

My laptop is faulty for two months now and I’m finding it difficult to find a specialist to solve the issue. So I’ve still not changed my staking protocol.