How do I buy or stake cakes? I'm confused

I’ve read a bit here on why it is better to invest in crypto trading than leaving your money to rot in bank. I’ve also read threads here by @siaw giving details and processes to go through but I must say it’s a bit cumbersome and confusing. However, I’m ready to try my hands on by investing something small. So I need help here please.

The truth is, I got some coins and my girlfriend is sweet talking me to spend it on her birthday. my innermost self is telling me kwame gyimie na t) cake w) crypto. So odeshie, no birthday cake for her but I will buy cake through cryptocurrency.

Ladies and gents, show me the way :relaxed::slightly_smiling_face:

@siaw @Danny @emp_sel and all the good people here, I hope I’m making the right decision. If yes, then let’s start erh.

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This part weak me. :joy:

Sure. You are on the right path @Kwame_Kradi . @siaw will handle this and hopefully we can get this running in no time.

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Okay boss, will be on standby.

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First step is to have a wallet and connect it to Binance Smart Chain. Have a look at this one how to do that. How to Connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain on mobile [iOS,Android] @Kwame_Kradi

She’ll leave you if you don’t get her the physical cake :joy:. By the way, that’s a good idea and a bold step you’ve taken to invest in crypto.

You’re on the right path and I support you bro @Kwame_Kradi. I’ve not regretted buying and staking cake on Pancakeswap. Welcome to the crypto team. :clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:

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Feels good already

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@siaw please I’m finding it a bit difficult with the Binance account, can you please buy it (the cake) for me without me creating that account? Or is it compulsory?

I don’t want to be a middleman. What problems are you having with Binance?

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Okay, that’s cool boss. But I wish you help me with first staking by buying it for me please. I will definitely learn and get abreast with the trading system

I’ve been able to verify the account though. Like I said, I’m still a learner and new to things like these, it’s why I want you to help me with the buying or staking . Thank you @siaw

Yeah I can help for sure with what to do and how to do it, I just don’t want to touch people’s money. If you’ve been verified it means you can upload money to your Binance. Try to see if you can use any of the means provided by Binance to buy crypto. They should have options for people in Ghana like credit card or MoMo to buy crypto. Trying buying CAKE on Binance let’s see if you can buy crypto, that’ll be the next step.

But you helped others to buy so why not others. I want to to use like 400 cedis to try it and see but my fear is I may not do it right and may lose my little investment. I was about to contact you to buy some on my behalf oo but now that you refusingto be middle man , hmm.

Hahahaha @Sandy, it’s not a problem for me to buy and send to you, biggest hurdle would be sending me the money to buy on your behalf, do you have any ideas to let your money reach me so I buy for you? How can you send me your cash? If I buy with my own cash how do I get my cash back? :thinking:

Oh sorry but I thought yout bought for Danny and One other person. How did they send the cash, we can also try same.

I don’t think anyone on this forum has any shred of doubt about your honesty or transparency. I think that’s why we are giving you the vote of confidence to do it for us . You won’t do it for us all the time but as beginners, we need this assistance.

Yeah but Danny is a mod, different story. We have a way to connect finances directly. For the other person I had to leave my cash in Ghana or bet with the money left in Ghana.

So If I buy with my cash for you, you’ll send MoMo to an OF mod in Ghana, that MoMo money can’t reach me, and I have to find some use for that money in Ghana, like bet with it or give it out for free… do you understand where this is going?

So the best way to buy from Binance directly, no middlemen, which is good. If you can’t succeed with Binance, you can send me your cash and I’ll buy it for you, no problems. But how do you send me your cash? If you can find a way, I’ll be more than happy to buy it for you :heart:

Okay, I get your point sir. Will you take us through the same place you buy yours? The same profit or percentage wise; I trust your judgement so if you will take me through it , I will . Will it the cash be converted to dollars or it will remain in cedi denominations? I mean if I buy it on Binance directly

@Kwame_Kradi , what’s the next step ? I want you to complete your transaction so I can follow suit biko. Men first so I’m waiting :grin::grinning:

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I think Binance has a way for Ghanaians to buy crypto, you’ll have to check that yourself. I can’t tell you if they have options for Ghanaians because I don’t buy as a Ghanaian. Try the various payment options on Binance, they have GHS on their platform but how to pay the GHS is what I don’t know. Otherwise you’ll have to convert to USD first, but I don’t think that step is really necessary.