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Honest airport driver who returned passenger’s $20,000 (₵120,300) plus phone, jewelry and other valuables receives cash reward

Honesty they say is the best policy and this Nigerian man who works at the Muritala International Airport identified as Emmanuel Eluu demonstrated that aptly.

Emmanuel reportedly returned $20,000 (which is equivalent N8.3m or ₵120,300) plus phone, jewelry and other valuables forgotten by a traveler.

The airport driver returned a bag containing local and foreign currencies, jewelry and other valuables.

Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operators of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2), gave the driver cash reward. The company’s HR manager, Ola Azeez, presented a cash reward and letter of commendation to Eluu at the Lagos Airport office on Wednesday.

We gathered from CorrctNG that the missing baf belonged to a prominent Nigerian who boarded an Arik Air flight from MMA2 to Port Harcourt on August 30.

According to BASL, the bag has been returned to the owner by a team comprising Gbadamosi Olasunkami (Operations, Airside Supervisor) and Oluwole Alonge (Operations, Airside Head of Shift).

Mr Azeez said; “Some others would have picked the bag and walked away, and such would be difficult to trace, if not totally impossible. What could only happen is to indict everybody working on the shift of the time it occurred. But we thank you for your honesty, for picking up the item and handing it over to the appropriate authorities.”


Herh bravo to this man :man: anyways I wouldn’t have returned any of what I found kipin it to myself

Not all people will do it in this hardship times the man dey done well.

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Like ebi me ah I no go return am kraa​:joy::joy::joy::bank:

This man is very loyal. 99% people in this time won’t return that money . Nanka 3y3 mia I will just vanish the money :joy::joy:

Chale this driver is good and deserves his reward. Most of us wouldn’t have returned the money kraa