High rate of insecurity in Ghana

Recently in Ghana, robbery, kidnapping, fraud, murder etc has being on the rise and many are in fear of being the next victims of such incidence.

What do you think is the cause of the high rate of insecurity in Ghana and the possible measures to curb it?

First off, this trend is worrying and the earlier something is done about it, the better it will be for our dear country. There’s simply a lot at stake. Took a lot to gain all the fame we have as a country, but that can all be lost in a heartbeat. It’s understandable and even expected that a rising and developing nation (like Ghana) will naturally experience a rise in not only positive development but negative development as well. With the vision and plans for a better and modelled example of a country in our subregion and Africa at large, it comes with its own problems - enemies included, like it or not. The average Ghanaian might envy and have a pull-another-down attitude, but not to the extent of wanting to hurt another, we just ain’t got it. A lot of these macro-aggressions are foreign influenced. Luckily, we have the best man for the Job, I’m referring to Dr. Dampare-Addo (Ag. IGP). Principled with integrity and not all in his feelings. There’s hope for the future guys.

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This things keep happening and I also ask my self why are all this happening. Buh I think this is coming from the higher authorities because a person in the highest authority can commit a crime and go free of charge because he or she knows somebody or have money. And also most of them pay the youth to involve in these acts . In the sense where somebody is having money more than you do, you will like to bring the person down and you don’t want anybody to compete with you. Then now to the youths, we are influenced by the lifestyle of these celebrities inside and outside Ghana. And also, with the level of unemployment in the country is causing all these


Nice points. Insecurities in a country no matter how developed a country is, things like robberies, murder and so on happens in there. Now a developing country like Ghana faces high insecurities than developed countries like USA, France and the rest you can think of.
The reason being that, in Ghana here, we all are aware of the lack of basic amenities such as jobs, health facilities etc. With the job, if a country provides more than enough jobs for it citizens, the rate at which many will engage in robberies minimize drastically because many get jobs and gets paid at the end. This prevents many from siting idle and thinking of acts such as murder and robbery for survival.

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Our current Acting IGP, Dr. Dampare-Addo needs to be recommended for his good work done in just this few months appointed. The rate at which he’s chasing after this criminals here and there is reducing their activities drastically.
One person I will also recommend is Major General Thomas Oppong Peprah who is the Chief of Army Staff of Ghana Armed Forces who is doing everything in his strength to fight off any terrorism.

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Bro this are the type of people we need in the service. To serve with their hearts not their pockets.

You’re right bro. Persons in higher authorities seems to be above the supreme laws of the country which is the constitution. When a person in higher authority commits a crime he/she gets protected under the law which shouldn’t have been the case.
Also this same persons in authority paying the youth to engage in crime and so on is simply because there’s lack of jobs in the country and anything that this youth will do to survive is what they will do. If there is to be enough jobs for all, nobody in authority can convince them with money to engage in such acts.

Many follow this celebrities blindly and you know how expensive it is to copy a celebrity lifestyle. With this, some people will do everything in their power to get money from no where to cover the lifestyle he/she have copied and for that matter will go out there to fraud people here and there to sponsor themselves.

Yeah this are the people we need to build a better Ghana. But right here in Ghana, they are very few as many only thinks about their stomach and pockets and so will be doing so many acts that will favour only them. It’s so sad to see such things but with the few left I respect them a lot.

I see the intent in the points you’ve asserted. However, I beg to defer just a little bit. I won’t entirely say the Joblessness for the youth is the reason one will pick up a gun. Character plays a monumental role. I don’t believe you @Danny will resort to picking up a weapon when life turns sour (not that it will), the tendency is almost zero, right? I’m 100% all for a better healthcare system. It does a lot for the citizenry and creates a much-relaxed atmosphere for other things, after all, health first. So my take, Jobs might be created but will everyone be able to meet the requirements? The free education system we currently enjoy is proof. What I mean by proof is, it’s free yet you won’t have everyone willing to go to school let alone attain the knowledge and skills the job market requires. Remember we are a progressive society and that means all stakeholders (that’s us all) need to be progressive as well.

You’re absolutely right. Your character plays a major role when such hardships sets in. But to be real any country that hardly creates jobs for its citizens as Ghana, the rate at which crimes goes on in the country is very high compared with countries with enough jobs created for it citizens.

That’s it but you know, there should be a situation whereby all angles must be considered and what I mean is, for example, creating jobs they should consider both the able and disabled before creating jobs.
In every workspace they should make sure almost every citizen can have his/her own share of the tax payed by all of us used in building those basic amenities whether he/she is literate, illiterate, physically challenged etc.

In fact, major causes of insecurity in the country is corruption and unemployment. Corruption has taken its peak in our higher authorities and bodies so if there is crime within their mist, it goes down the drain. It is not the same for a layman. The police have also tarnished their image with bribe taking so a huge sum of money can be paid into the pockets of the police just to escape jail. Why won’t the country be insecure with this behavior of ours. The police is too relaxed now. The criminals have by day grown fond of them so they don’t seem to attach the fear of being caught in the act. Unemployment too has outstretched its roots in the country. Most of the crimes coming out are as a result of low jobs in the public and private sectors which shouldn’t be so. Sometimes I just get tired of recommending more job creations for the youth. It’s just the same old thing every single time unemployment comes up.

We should change our attitude and approach of doing things.

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Corruption as you said is one of the cause indeed. If any one commits a crime it being small or big and it deserves punishment, they should go ahead and prosecute the person. But over here in Ghana many get their way through with bribe and never get punished.

Unemployment on the other hand is something that is very worrying now. Countries which provides more than enough jobs for it citizens, insecurity also goes on in the country but the rate at which it goes on in there should prompt other countries such as Ghana, which is not making any efforts to provide more jobs for its citizens, to start creating jobs.
When everybody, it being able or disabled, literate or illiterate all are getting employed into the jobs created, things like robberies, kidnapping etc hardly happens.

Always, every single time they escape with paying bribe. How do we fight the insecurities in the country with this behaviour?

The government is trying it’s best to create more jobs but they are still not enough.

Please which jobs are they creating. They rather came to cause huge unemployment

That’s where the question mark is. The people who are meant to prevent such things are rather engaging themselves in this acts. The battle will really be hard to fight if we don’t change.

They are trying but the rate at which they are creating or expanding the already existing jobs to accommodate more workers is very low and they need to speed up.

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