Hi Guys, I'm new here!

My name is Hielfred Mensah , You can call me Bramens , osagyefo, or Osagyefo BraMens :joy:, am an addict to learning and exploring ideas and topics , a business man , kpa kpa kpa business, or an entrepreneur as Government has advised us to be :smirk::smirk: , I used to work with a BDC at the takoradi habour before the covid hit us all hard , now I do some media gigs here and there, occasionally host some radio shows and generally push positive agendas given the platforms I find myself on .


Hi Bramens. Looks like the COVID hit all of us oo chale. Welcome to Omanba Forum. Hope you like it here :wink:

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Yo chief, is good to have you here. You are welcome once again. The kind of pressure our system is putting on us, we all need a place to pour our hearts out and actually be heard by people with intellectual views and diverse opinions.

You’re at the right place brother, we can’t wait to have you contribute in every discussion.

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I love your introduction, welcome!

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Welcome @Osagyefobramens. I think you already know who to ask for help if you’ll need it.

I tell you. Very detailed. :smiley:


You’re once again welcome to OF @Osagyefobramens. I’m loving your energy already :fire::blush:. Whenever you’re finding difficulties using OF, don’t hesitate to ask @Emp_Sel, @Atinga and I to help you find your way through.

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Ohk , sure will do that boss

I tell u, it’s been a very rough year for us all , but hey , the mind dey work , and God dey so we move …

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Charley pouring out di333rr I go pour paaa cus am a talkative :joy::joy::joy:

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Thank my boss , the warm welcome is very orgasmic , I’ll surely like it here

Am ready bro , ready to pick intellect frm y’all