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Hi, am Patrick am new here

Hi, am Patrick am new here.


Hey Patrick. You are welcome to OmanbaForum. It’s good for you to join us.

Oh hi! :wave:t5:

Welcome to OF :D. Happy to have you with us! Feel to start new topics or contribute to existing ones. If you need help with anything you can ask @Emp_Sel or @Danny :heart:

Welcome to Omanba forum. Ghana’s #1 . Enjoy your stay

We are so excited to have you on our team @Nob. I and @Emp_Sel are at your service. Feel at home :blush:

good to have you here @Nob

How did you find out about Omanba Forum though? @Nob :thinking:

@Nob, you welcome chief, you are going to love it here chief , do well to read the community guidelines and don’t hesitate to share, post, comment and like…

Thank you so much, :pray:

Okay Boss, I am very poised

@Nob have you heard of the omanba forum fantasy league? If you haven’t, check out this link.

I saw it on a friends status


You are welcome to Omanba Forum @Nob. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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