Herrrh women errhh🤦‍♂️ my throwback of what Eva told me

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But who’s Eva? Is this real? :laughing:

somewhat heartbreaking , nevertheless there is a little truth in her submission. Personally, I think you need to prepare or build yourself both financially and in other aspects as well. Be the man you ought to be and you can move on to find love.

Thanks bro.
This is so real bro…
This happened to be in 2016

No two ways about that, the funny thing about this whole issue errhh, since day one shes always been about money money money , I was so much in love with this lady, I was working back then but not making enough but I was really trying… challey i really tried … Weytin I no do but still… sekof this girl e lef small 3nka me k) gye sika duro​:joy::joy::joy:

Eva blast. She no be romantic kraa. How can she quench her man’s feelings like that? Charley, in a way this is red flag oo.

Challey Eva just quench my fire… :joy::joy::joy: e be so norr she dey do…

I guess you lef am now. :laughing: Cos the day you no get money, then her love for you go on vacation oo.

Challey I had to give up cos the pressure and stress she dey give was too much… I lef am kraaaaaa…

Challey mabr3 p3n oooo​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Bro… I think you dodged a bullet. You live to fight another day. That’s why Kwadwo Sheldon keeps saying “di3 wo di b’adi odo no, f’adi banku” :rofl:

2016 to now is a very long time. Have you recovered? What lessons have you learned?

Learnt whole lot of lessons bro :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
As the saying goes "once bitten twice shy":joy:

“Dasorrrrr” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:… women errhgghh​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

She’s indirectly telling you that she’s not in ou only interested in what you have inside your pocket

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Yeah some guys really want relationship but there’s more to relationship than just love. We want a man who can support us emotionally and physically. Go and find money and come later. Love kakra, money kakra makes the relationship sweet :grin::grinning:


How about women who can equally support us both emotionally or physically? Or for the men, we are robots so no need for emotional support? Let’s be fair please. God created women to be ‘helpers’, not a burden or liabilities.


You are so right​:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Of course it’s a two way affair but my dear, women are not those who go to propose and making all the big promises.

Fellow Omanbans, I want to bring this case to a conclusion by saying that , I totally agree with @Sandy for her first and second statements and also acknowledge @Emp_Sel . Let’s support each other in relationships. The " send me momo" and " when are you coming over" is too much​:joy::joy:

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