Here is a list of centres where you can get your Ghana Card for free

The Ghana Card has recently become the most important national ID card in the country. A lot of government agencies and services are plugging into the Ghana Card system and demanding it before one can enjoy certain government services.

Now, the Ghana Card has been made the key ID that should be used register SIM cards in the country.

By March 31, 2022 any SIM that has not been registered with the Ghana Card will be blocked from the system and it will become invalid.

With this affecting a lot of people including young Ghanaians, a lot of have made attempts to finally get their Ghana Card.

However, some were put off when they were required to pay GHS 250 for the premium service.

And now the free service has been opened again and applicants can opt for the free service.
The National Identification Authority has announced the centres where everybody can go for Ghana Card for free.

Below Is A List Of Centres Where You Can Get Your Ghana Card For Free:

Please note that for the free service, your card will not be ready the day you complete your registration .

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It’s no more free oo. Right now if you want a new one card (if you don’t have one at all) it costs 46.50gh
And if you misplaced yours and wants a copy it cost 42gh

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So let’s say a Ghanaian citizen, who’s from abroad comes to Ghana and want to get a new SIM card , the person cannot register a new SIM card with his passport unless he gets the Ghana card first? And how fast or how long it takes for one to get his card?

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I was wondering the same. It looks like you’ll have to get the Ghana Card first. What I find astonishing is the fact that you can’t register with your passport.

If we’re any serious nation, people would be able to register for this card in Ghana embassies worldwide.


Then people are in serious trouble :rofl: maybe There’s a way around because is absurd. They should have an arrangement for those coming from abroad because most of them don’t have access to the registration or they should make it in a way that’s accessible for anyone to register everywhere around the world

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I think you can register online but I’ve never tried it before. But if this card is biometric, then even if you get to Ghana you still need to go somewhere for biometric details. :smiley:


Don’t mind them, is another way to stress peoples kwa! Lol

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It takes a day to get the card. It’s simple, you can register online and drop by their office to pick up your card


Just like that?? No biometric details taken?

Oh My God Reaction GIF

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When you get to the office they will do that. all I am saying is it takes few minutes for that to be done at the office