Hello Omanba Forum. I'm George

Hi I’m new here guys. Good evening to y’all.


Hi George, Welcome to OmanbaForum. We are glad you joined us.

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Thank you very much for accepting me

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welcome chief, I like your enthusiasm already, we are going to have great discussions here on,I hope to hear your opinions on them. Enjoy your stay and don’t hesitate to ask question, post , comment and share with your friends your experience here.
@siaw, @Emp_Sel @Atinga and @Danny are all here if you need help with something, do well to read the community guidelines as well.

Good to have you with us George. Welcome to OF! :beers:


We are so excited to have you on our team @georgekhalifa31 :blush:. Feel free to share your ideas on OF and also commenting on existing posts is much tolerated. You’re once again welcome :clinking_glasses:

Thanks for accepting me

Thanks to you all for accepting me in to Omaha

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You’re welcome and we are also glad to have you :blush:. I hope you remember those you can seek help from when having difficulties using OF?

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