Heartbroken Grand P hits studio to record new love song in attempt to persuade oversized girlfriend to come back

Guinean Musician Grand P has penned down some emotional words to his former girlfriend Eudoxie Yao amid breakup issues.

The celebrity lovers were reported to have ended their relationship and the Ivorian Curry woman hit the final nail on the coffin with a public announcement.

Rumors has it that Grand P has not been faithful in their relationship at all and has been seeing other ladies which got to the notice of Eudoxie leading to the Grand P shouldn’t have been dating such size if lady in the first place, The man himself knows what his lover means to her and has proven that in a post.

According to him, Eudoxie means everything to her it has always been his happiness to be with her before going on to describe her as the Most [beautiful thing.

:heart: My love #EDO for me you are the most beautiful thing in this world. On my heart, I’ll write your name, so I’ll think of you forever. My real happiness is to be with you, you are the love of my life. The sun is for everyone, but you, you are my sun to me alone. :heart::heart::heart: you and me c until the station :station: *EUDOXIE YAO “pawa gang”*Grand P wrote

He took a further step in convincing his former lover to comeback to him by taking to the studio to put song for her to understand just how bad he is already missing her presence.

An actual musician, that’s really dope. Pens down everything he’s thinking of, hope the song will be enough to get his lover back. But the oversized part killed me. What do they mean by oversized girlfriend

This guy doesn’t value his life. :joy: :joy: :joy:. How can you be playing with death like this? It is a good thing she’s gone. He should go and find someone more ‘appropriate’. A practical scenario of cutting one’s coat according to one’s size :joy:

This world is funny…from day one I had the feeling this lady go take do Grand P. Sexually, u can’t be able to sex this girl to satisfaction. She was just hanging around to fetch public attention. Broken is one word I can’t find in my dictionary.

This Grand P boy is not serious oo. Can’t he focus on his music and leave the lady alone. This lady will eventually leave when she’s done chopping all his money.