He Stored Her Body In A Double-Decker Fridge: Another Fridge Storage Killing Hits Volta Region

Ghana is still dealing with the case of Richard Appiah, the young man who killed some young boys and stored their bodies in the refrigerator at Abesim. For Richard Appiah, he cut the bodies into pieces and packaged them in the fridge in his room. His issue became topical with almost every Ghanaian speaking about it.

It was expected that with what Richard Appiah did still being fresh in our minds, nobody would ever think of committing another heinous crime similar to what he did but it seems the Volta Region’s town of Fiave is turning out to produce another deadly episode.

Frank, who is now a suspect has been in a relationship with Lizzy for some time now and all his neighbors are aware of their movements. Even though they are not legally married, Frank and Lizzy are mostly seen together. They spend time visiting each other whenever the opportunity arises. Neighbors of Frank never believed that such a day will come when the two would have problems.

Lizzy visited Frank and it is alleged that they both had a misunderstanding that led to Frank killing her in cold blθθd. Information about what happened between them is still scanty but neighbors realized that Frank was not around for some time and Lizzy was nowhere to be found. As they were contemplating what might have happened, a strange stench started emanating from the room of Frank.

Houseflies were all over his windows and all spaces that lead to his room. The neighbors who were worried broke into the room and realized that Frank had killed Lizzy his girlfriend. The sad aspect of the situation is that Frank kept the body of his girlfriend in a double-decker fridge and bolted.

The family of this young lady will forever live with the memories her boyfriend has left them. They will never forget how painfully he took away her life without any tangible reasons. This sad incident is coming a few months after what happened at Abesim. Whilst Richard Appiah is currently facing trial, Frank is on the run to an unknown location but he cannot hide forever. The police will soon arrest him and he will have to explain why he murdered his girlfriend. He will have to tell Ghanaians why he decided to keep the body of his girlfriend in a double-decker refrigerator.

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From my observations…it look as if there is a high demand for human body parts in Ghana recently.


I think you right and I really what their using it for. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


This killing of spouses from last year down to this year is just too much. What has being triggering that? Hmm it’s a serious question and it needs to be answered because it’s kind of strange as in how all of a sudden, it is on the rise.

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When poverty and superstition meet, this is the results. Citizens are getting poorer and they believe there are things like money rituals and stupid sh*t like that so what do you expect? People will get human parts for money rituals.

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I was in a trotro going to Accra this morning and I heard the new and I was like damn what the hell is wrong with us? I answered my self that well Bawumia also said we should go into self employment :joy:

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