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He Has Killed Many People: Dangerous Pepper Spray Armed Robber Runs Into Serious Trouble

Residents of Agorve in the Volta Region of Ghana have for many years suffered from the activities of armed robbers. The most affected group of persons are okada riders. Many of them have had their Motorcycles robbed at gunpoint by armed robbers. In the worse cases, the armed robbers kιll their victims to take away their monies and motorcycles.

One of the modus operandi of these armed robbers in the area is that they have secured pepper spray in large quantities. They take these pepper sprays with them during operation and after meeting their victims they blind their eyes to pave the way for them to take their properties away.

Residents and Okada riders have targeted these armed robbers for many years but the cup of one of their gang leaders was finally full. He started chasing an okada rider on the main Agorve road. As the pillion, suspect, Eyram Botwe, had the weapons for the robbery including pepper spray ready for action, after getting close to the okada rider and his passenger, the armed robbers released the pepper spray causing the two victims to fall. At this point, they were helpless and could not save the situation.

Eyram Botwe realized it was time to rob. He took over the motorbike of his victim with other properties and bolted with his colleague. The victim and his passenger regain consciousness and immediately started calling for help. Other community members started searching on some of the main roads and fortunately, Eyram Botwe appeared with the stolen motor. He was quickly arrested and nearly lynched but the police were there in time to save the situation. The suspect, Eyram Botwe is currently in the grips of the Akatsi Police Command. He is being prepared to appear before the court as soon as possible.

However, residents in the area besieged the police station with demands for the armed robber to be released. They wanted to question him to name his accomplices to enable them to fetch them out but the police refused the offer.

Some of the residents indicate that the armed robbers have through their pepper spray strategy ended the lives of many innocent persons in the area. Others have had their motorcycles taken away from them through the same pepper spray formula. The armed robbery gang leader, Eyram Botwe must face the laws accordingly. Such persons do not deserve to be in the community because their activities are a threat to all.

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