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Great site to stream latest movies & series in HQ

Here’s a site a friend shared with me to stream high-quality international movies. Just sharing it here for anyone interested. No ads if you have ad-blocker.

You could also try the stremio app here

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We don’t stream in Ghana. We don’t have the “logistics” for that. :joy:

Yeah but there are lots of people on OF that don’t live in Ghana. :laughing:

I wish we can get to the level where Ghanaians can stream videos without having to download.

I think the difficulty in Ghana is the data cost and network instability in certain areas. I stream majority of my music and movies even though I live in Ghana. The only problem is that it takes a sizeable chunk of my salary :face_with_thermometer:

You see the problem? We don’t have the resources for streaming. Your money all go finish. :joy::joy:

Try using Brave, it saves data, it might save you some small coins.

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