Graphic designs and their influence on products

How often do you patronise the services of a graphic designer to design your fliers or business advertisements :thinking::thinking:. Stop here for a close up service by one designer (k-marv designs) hit me up on 0240642620. :open_hands:Did you know how well your products look determines how well your pockets look.

I made this… want to have a nice one like this…?.. just link up :blush::blush:

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Why are you writing in the 3rd person? :slight_smile:

:laughing::rofl: I don’t like to be exposed as I do business :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

We might need some graphics for ads for OF. How much do you charge for the sample above?

Bro I will contact you for my new songs artwork :v:t2:

Good work done @k-marv. You’ve got great skills.

That will be nice
It’s 55 for this sample size. Banners are 65 please

Sure thing @KhodedBoss2 will be waiting

Thanks sir… :blush:I’m grateful