Govt’s transformation agenda very much on course – Ofori-Atta

Mid-year budget review not to ask for more money or taxes – Ofori-Atta

Minister of Finance Kenneth Ofori-Atta has reiterated that the transformation agenda by the current government since assuming office in 2017 is “very much on course”.

He noted that despite the advent of Covid-19 with its devastating ravages to the economy, the government has lived up to its avowed resolve of ‘knowing how to bring back the economy and not how to bring back lives lost’.

Mr Ofori-Atta, therefore, announced that the economy is on a recovery track.

“Mr. Speaker, the strong rebound in growth, the low inflation rates, the stable currency, the strong reserve position and FDI flows are clear indicators of economic recovery,” he told Parliament on Thursday, July 25 while delivering the mid-year review of the budget

“Indeed, the strategic investments we collectively made in building strong economic fundamentals in the three years prior to this pandemic as well as the subsequent speed, scope and scale of our socio-economic response to the pandemic is fueling our recovery.”

He stressed: “I stand before this august House today to assure the nation that our transformation agenda is very much on course.”

The Minister of Finance, however, admitted with Covid-19 still around, the recovery will only serve as the beginning of the transformation.

“A beginning that requires our collective sense of responsibility and action as citizens to guide, protect and participate in the recovery efforts.”

What is the government transforming, what has the government transformed so far . There’s no agenda that has been transformed successfully apart from the poorly implemented free shs. Tell Ghanaians the truth Mr. Finance Minister