Government workers without Ghana Cards to be denied salaries from December 1


Government workers are being given about a month-and-a-half to register for the Ghana Card or be denied their salaries.

“Effective December 1, workers on the government of Ghana Payroll who have not registered with the NIA will not be paid,” a statement from the Controller and Accountant General’s Department warned.

The Department said it is collaborating with NIA to have a harmonised database “to facilitate biometric and unique identification of all workers on the government payroll.”

It explained that this directive was “part of Government of Ghana’s efforts to deliver a speedy, secured and verified payroll service to government employees and pensioners while reducing the risk of undeserving payment or claims.”

“By this notice, all existing and prospective Government workers are to ensure they are registered with the NIA and obtain their identity numbers,” the statement added.

The Ghana Card is slowly becoming a must-have under the Akufo-Addo administration, which has championed a digitisation agenda.

It is currently required for the registration of SIM cards by mobile phone users.

The National Health Insurance Authority is trying to collaborate with the National Identification Authority to make it possible for all residents in Ghana to use the Ghana Card for healthcare access.

The Ghana card Personal Identification Number also replaced the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) of individuals issued by the Ghana Revenue Authority for tax identification purposes.

This change was in line with the government’s policy on using a unique identifier for all transactions where the identification of an individual is required.

According to the National Identification Authority (NIA), over 15 million Ghanaians have been registered for their Ghana Card, representing 84.3% of the population aged 15 and above.

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Hmmm this thing will bring issues again oo .

So now they’ve made the Ghana card a compulsory something. Let’s hope they won’t come and tell us in the next 4years that all Ghanaians must have an “omanba card”. I have so much ID cards that I don’t even know which is which now.

:joy::joy::joy: omanba ID dierr how. @siaw please come and hear something oo
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The way things are going di3 we’ll get a card for everything. :smiley:

More cards will be coming with a different government, you’ll see.

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy: then get ready for your cards . Should we send pictures for the work to start?

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This is the beginning of something scary that’s lurking.

In many Europeans countries is even worse, image the government having total control over what you’ll eat and your finances, they’ll force peoples to do what they want. things that will certainly be against most peoples will, looking at how democracy is rapidly drifting into totalitarianism. For ex. In some part of China, the citizens have been given some personal cards with points or some scores on it, if you run out of credit, you can’t buy and you can’t eat. Now we’re enjoying the banking system and all other stuff that has made our life much easier but from my perspective, i am less optimistic in how things will unfold. I think we’re heading to some collision path

This thing is a lie. When did they register over 15 million Ghanaians?

Let not forget that, the same stress we went through to get our cards done, we will surely goes through the same stress when a different government comes in power to do their own cards. Ghana here, a new government doesn’t use anything a previous government did. I will never forget the three weeks I spent in a queue just to register for Ghana card. Omanba Card de3 it’s worth fighting for anaa @siaw

The Omanba Card is here already kraa you dey there. @Emp_Sel registered earlier and I have his permission to share his card with you:

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Hahahahaha sharp, and that wouldn’t be u on it, yes?

Misread. No that’s @Emp_Sel :crazy_face:


we? Chale make i send my acc fast

Ei @Emp_Sel is that how you’re? We all are joining queue to register our Omanba Card and you’ve pass our back to do protocol. You see the smile on your face alone tells how happy you’re cos you didn’t join the queue :joy::joy::joy:

By the way when should I submit my details to get my Omanba Card done? @siaw :joy:

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The people in government, if you really want to talk about them it’s only headache that you’ll get.

I don’t really know who else have seen several of the cards issued. It’s like the camera used in taking the pictures was an Itel or Nokia 3310 that was used. The quality of the pictures on the card was so poor. And yet they came out to tell us it was $120 million dollars that was spent. I’m not sure it did cost 57 cedis in issuing the cards nationwide. But man must chop so let us take it to be $120 million dollars :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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That’s the benefit of having connections in Ghana. :joy::joy::joy:

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You must try and link me cos I’ve being in a queue like three days now and I’ve still not registered my Omanba card :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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