GNAT members to strike on October 1


Members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) have served notice to embark on an industrial action if the government does not meet their demand for better working conditions.

The teachers said they want issues regarding their salaries, allowances and other related matters addressed by the government immediately otherwise, they will lay down their tools in the first week of October.

Daniel Affedu, Deputy General Secretary, Administration & Labour Relations, GNAT said at a Regional Conference that they have waited for their issues to be resolved by the government for far too long.

They also asked the National Labour Commission (NLC) not to intervene when they embark on their planned strike until their demands are met.

“We have some issues as teachers which remain unresolved,” for which there is going to be a strike by the teachers if they continue to remain unresolved, Mr Affedu said.

To the NLC, he said “When they see this looming, they will not talk until we start.”

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Hmmm this time the Education system is just some ways

The educational sector is struggling, just like the other sectors. Government should be thinking of how to improve it’s sectors and stop wasting state resources on things that matter less.

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Must the NLC always wait for this strikes to occur first before they start taking remedy actions? Why must this always occur to affect the students?

So another strike by teachers to start on October. This is a notice to the Government oo, but our government will wait till they truly embark on the strike before reacting. What a country we live in :face_with_raised_eyebrow: