Ghanaian women go braless to celebrate ‘No Bra Day’ [photos]

On 13th October every year, the world celebrates No Bra Day.

It’s a day set apart for women to free the titis and encouraged women to go for breast examination to determine if there is any form of abnormality within it.

No Bra Day is also a commemorative holiday that honours victims and survivors of breast cancer.

This year just the other, Ghanaian women freed their boobs and many of them have shared their photos on social media to encourage others to create breast cancer awareness.

How about this? Shouldn’t the government go after them just as they are going after LGBT? It’s not “Ghanaian culture”. Anaa?

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:joy: :joy: it’s no bra day a culture? If so, I didn’t know. Also, are we allowed to post such things here? All I see is nυdes oo. I don’t see any topless anything. :joy: :joy:

It’s OK if it’s in the “Adult & Romance” section. If you have nυdes (not pθrnogrαphy though) post them :wink:


me? please, I don’t have any nυdes oo :rofl:

Totally ironic. I’d have rather expected to see women with mastectomy scars show them (if at all its necessary) to get the message (awareness) across. These are more like showing awareness of different breast kinds and sizes, it beats the purpose. My opinion tho. But yh, women on here need to check their statuses, self check if u can or get your husbands/boyfriends learn and check them for you. A good and constant physical check (usually after menstruation) goes a long way to prevent severe disease.

While we’re at it, male breast cancer is real too, just so we know.

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Oh how? This rejuvenating if you ask me. :joy::joy:

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It prolly is, or becoming one. Everything seems to these days. Be like where modern man in brain dey evolve go di333 chale, sometime those in higher dimensions no dey see these as issues sef, or?

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Eiiii vitamins nkuaa :tongue:

Eii this ladies will not kιll us oo :joy::joy::joy:. See the one using nose mask as a dress. What we no go see for the world inside

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Yeah maybe. I really don’t concern myself with issues like these. I mean, usually on this day, what I see is doctors, nurses, etc. posting the “decent” ones like a mother or something formal. I don’t usually see what’s posted here. And I’m sure that’s probably because of my environment so…

actually, when I saw the pics, it sort of scared me a bit… :joy:

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That very one go be delicious since she is protecting the nipples with mask :mask::tongue:

This one be Akuapem polo en type some :joy::sweat_drops:

abeg @Jacobkuv , if you have a girlfriend, go check if she’s cancer-free wae and stop eyeing someone’s own. Why, didn’t you see the man that killed some guy because of some silly dream he had :joy: :joy:


This one di3 you embrace it. This man paaa.

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Bro are you the ambassador for breast. The way you can differentiate between those that’s gonna be delicious and those that looks exactly like the breast of others amuse me :joy::joy:

Me ano bi boobs kind of person but this ones dier I surrender :joy::broken_heart::joy:

Bro boobs ankasa upon seeing it keke then your problems disappear. Breast have the power to release stress. If I want to praise breast I won’t finish today :joy::joy:

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@LeevyM6 I have done that already :joy::joy::joy:

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@Danny u see that thing :joy::joy::joy: but that position go be sweet ooo