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Ghanaian living in Qatar

Ghanaian living in Qatar labor city just enjoying ourselves

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I have a brother there and he really enjoys after hard days work

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We have these same buildings rotting in Segleme… Ghana di3 we fool oo! Everyone deserves and can enjoy a better life.

Say that again @siaw. If this isn’t madness on our part that’s our leaders, then what else is it? Director of Housing at the ministry, Theresa Tuffour says 1,339 out of 1,502 units have been completed.

“Out of 1,502 they have completed 1,389. 386 are at various stages, 868 have been completed and if our infrastructure is provided, that is, light, water, and the sewage system is done, people can move in and occupy it.

So imagine nearly 900 units which is good to be occupied by Ghanaians, have being left to rot with lizards and insects owning those houses whiles people are sleeping on the streets, isn’t a whole new level of madness.

Nobody would’ve known that this video was shot in Qatar if Qatar wasn’t mentioned in the post. This is because, we have such housing projects right here in Ghana but the difference is one is occupied with humans(Qatar) whiles the other is occupied with spider webs, bushes, cockroaches and lizards(Ghana).

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