Ghanaian companies that will pay you right now (via MoMo) to work from home

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Below is a list of Ghanaian companies that will pay you right now (via MoMo) to work from home. You can also kindly comment, like, share, suggest or ask any question and me or anyone else wil help. Enjoy.

  1. 15GHANA.COM

This is my personal favourite because I have worked on the platform before. I was and still am a level 3 top rated seller on the platform.

At, you can advertise your talents and expertise at a price. The platform’s membership is free, and all you require is an active email address and phone number to join.

After you have successfully joined the platform, start advertising your services, and begin earning money. pays for all completed jobs through mobile money platforms. Therefore, it is a great way to receive money with MTN mobile money. If you are good at content creation or article writing, you can post your skills and get someone that will pay you for services rendered. This platform is open to many other professions, basically anything that you know how to do.


With the current digitization of virtually any services, online markets have been abuzz with traffic. People are looking to purchase products online, preferring cashless payments, and fewer movements. Hence, joining Jumia – one of the biggest marketplaces in Ghana for a variety of products – is a great way to work from home in Accra Ghana.

As a member of this massive team, you will be earning commissions once you advertise their products on your website and social media platforms. You will do this by creating a unique link, which, when used to complete a successful purchase, earns a commission. How about that for a hassle-free way of earning money? Of course, you have to be great at affiliate marketing if you want to make this Jumia affiliate gig work. If you put the necessary effort towards this initiative, within no time, you will start making a massive amount of money. And the best part is that you can get paid through mobile money. Such functionalities make working online a satisfactory occupation for many that are looking to increase their net worth. Such processes are very easy and it only takes a short set up process.


Cedijob is a freelance platform just like 15Ghana. They also pa when you render your services on the platform to numerous individuals and businesses who come there to get their works done.

Unlike 15Ghana, Cedijob also have a section where investors can find potential talents and businesses to invest in. This is good for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts who have startups and would need an investor’s partnership.

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Zoobashop is a full Ghanaian owned online retail store that has grown to become the largest in Ghana today. Making money online on this platform is quite easy.

Since it is an e-commerce platform, buyers meet sellers and agree on a price to sell their products. Therefore, if you have merchandise that you are struggling to sell due to lack of a market, using this online marketplace will save you time and massive resources. On top of getting your money with MTN mobile money after a successful deal, the website offers clients and sellers numerous secure platforms to process their payments.


This may sound odd but you need to hear me out first. Many people lose on betting platforms because of greediness. Betting should not be treated like a gamble. It should be treated like a real business. A business of chances and probability. You can’t gamble your way to success. Placing 1 Ghana cedi with the aim of winning 390 Ghana cedis is absurd and barely possible. To do this, you’ll need to bet on multiple, sometimes 30-40 different games to hit the jackpot. One loss means, all loss.

But what about you pick your games smart and steady. Why not just bet on 1 or 2 picks per game. For example, I have a friend on Facebook. He’s a known blogger, vlogger and photographer. He recently shared a screenshot of his betting slip. He started with just 200 Ghana cedis and is well over 1,100 Ghana cedis within 3 weeks or so. What he does is, he bets about 50 cedis on individual or double pick games only. So it makes him grow steadily not fast. His picks are well calculated and researched. This makes his winning cashouts low but chances of winning very high.


So this is the list. Btw, the only platform I’ve worked on personally is 15Ghana. I know Jumia Affiliates (they also have JForce) works because I have friends who make upwards of 3000 Ghana cedis per month there. Cedi Job is also great. Zoobashop is great too. For the betting companies, we all know it works till the day Arsenal meets zaytuna FC and you bet on Arsenal. :joy:. Enjoy :heart:


Wait until the well researched and trusted team surprises you. You can bet on just a game and it will still fail. Teams like Bayern, Chelsea, Man City, PSG and all the big dogs loses games. Betting is a game of chance, not certainty.

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Yup it’s true. Betting is a game of chance but list of teams that will still fail you after doing all due diligence are only 5.

  1. Arsenal
  2. Arsenal
  3. Arsenal
  4. Arsenal
  5. Arsenal

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Please do your research well

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But seriously, for the time, Arsenal didn’t fail me when they played against West Brom during the second round EFL Cup. I guess I was lucky. :joy:

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Arsenal have the habit of making you cry :cry: all night long :joy:

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I also know of one called Kasuwah Affiliate. It is an e-commerce platform just like Jumia where you receive 5 % discount on any referral. It is also instant payment.

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Looks quite new but I think they have potential. The website looks slick though :heart:

Yeah. It is new. Students can take advantage of this to earn something small during school seasons

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I think I know the system they used to build the platform. It’s a good system. And wow, Lemme call them. First time hearing of that payment processor.

Look sharp
It is very cool

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I find the title a bit deceptive. Are all these companies Ghanaian? Including the betting companies?

The last part weak me la​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Herhh I say errhh this bet thing is a no go area oo. Even if you bet that every player should wear jersey, a particular player will be in singlet. Am telling you my brothers and sisters

The last part though​:joy::joy::joy::joy: ARSENAL WILL SHOW YOU

Thanks for sharing Sheldon, indeed the head is big for a reason :star_struck: :innocent: :joy: