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Ghana vs Nigeria πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ happening today!

I think a draw in Nigeria might probably lead to extra time and penalty shootouts. We really needed a win cos I don’t see us winning in Abuja.

Winning at Abuja will be very hard. Even though, Ghana is having a better record against the Super Eagles but I think they have the upper hand over us at their home. We should have taken our chances here but that couldn’t happen. I know by now, The mathematicians(GFA) have started with their usual calculations instead of doing the needful when having the chance.

All jokes aside it was like Jordan Ayew was playing against Ghana. Did you guys notice it @Emp_Sel, @siaw, @Atinga, @Syrupkuv, @Aharon . Jordan simply don’t want to learn a lesson. No wonder his dream was to be a Formula One driver so he continuing to play nonsense in football justifies it.

The guy no dey pull yet he shows up every time.

Hahahaha… at least we didn’t lose the match. Winning 1 - 0 in Nigeria would be impressive.

It’s damn serious. This proves that, the team belongs to some people no matter their wasteful performance on the field.

Exactly and Ghana will erupt with joy. I never knew people still got 100 percent love for Black Stars until yesterday’s match against Nigeria. The stadium overflew with supporters that I never imagined.

@siaw @Danny check this out :joy: :joy:

Jordan Ayew is the worst player in the Black Stars right now…

Just look at this!!! This guy is not serious. You’re a striker and whenever there is a corner kick, free kick and throw in, he always want to play leaving the attacking side for who to strike the ball in? Akufo-Addo or Bawumia?
When he was substituted, he was booed by Ghana fans.

And he was terrible with both too

Jordan was completely sh*t in all of that. If I see that guy in our squad for Tuesday’s match, I won’t give Black Stars my support.
Afena Gyan was very good upfront and I hope to see him play on Tuesday despite having a minor injury on Friday.

Still full support for the boys!

Oh My God Wow GIF

Will Andre Ayew play on Tuesday? @Emp_Sel @Danny

Dede Ayew is not eligible for the two games against Nigeria and that includes the second league on Tuesday, after he received red card in their final match against Comoros in the AFCON tournament.

No, he can’t play. Too bad!

It’s already Tuesday and 1 -1!! I almost forgot about the match. Time flies! :astonished:

Yeah and Ghana made it :ghana::ghana::ghana::ghana::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::fire::fire::fire:

See. This is why I asked what the minimum is to qualify, I wanted Ghana just to draw for away goal advantage. Fooball mom paa die there are some foolish rules oo :stuck_out_tongue: … 1 - 1 but Ghana is going hahahahaha. Good for us.

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Yeah you said this earlier on :joy::joy:.
@siaw, @Emp_Sel, @Aharon, @ruffrider have you guys seen this videos of Nigerian supporters destroying anything they lay their hands on after their defeat. It’s disgusting.


yh, actually watching it right now, hehe. It’s sad how we still have people who have decided to remain behind as humanity continues to leap forward. I just find it difficult to wrap my head around that reality.