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Ghana vs Nigeria 🇬🇭 🇳🇬 happening today!

Guys, I’m starting to get nervous… should I trust the Black Stars this time? Just one last time? :joy:

@Emp_Sel @Danny @Aharon @Kwabena @Atinga

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Be indifferent, and you won’t be so heartbroken :broken_heart:

Hahahahaha good advice!! :smiley:

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I’m not a fan of the black stars even as at the time I was a kid when there was hope :new_moon_with_face:… Now, I seriously don’t trust this squad… but against Nigeria nkoaa de3 full support for the boys.


There’s some new faces I’m wondering how they blend in before the game… I reckon the chemistry level would be low and that might cost us the game. But it’s football so practically anything can happen.

This is what happens anytime there are new players. It won’t be easy.

Forget GH. We aren’t winning this one. Not today!

You guys are not patriotic kraaaa…

Black Stars will win and put you to shame. :smiley:

The best advice I will give you if you really want to give Black Stars your support this time around is, EAT BEFORE THEY START THE MATCH!!! :joy::joy:. In that case, you won’t be heart broken and loss your appetite after the match.

But Black Stars have my support though and I will eat first too before they start with the match. :ghana::ghana:

Haven seen a lot of annoying posts from Nigerians on social media, I’ve changed my mind. Ghana all the way…:joy:

Smart guy! :smiley:

Music Video Dope GIF by NSG

@siaw @Aharon @Danny @Atinga have you guys seen this? :joy:

I like his vim! That’s the spirit. I know Ghana is sh*t, but not matter how sh*t Ghana is, it’s still our home!! Ghana better win this match!

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They BETTER win!
No excuses

Why do they keep using Jordan? The guy is sh*t!
It’s like we don’t need a win.

Where’s Andre? And who’s I. Baba?

J. Ayew’s case eh… hm. I don’t know.

But why are they playing in Ghana? Should this match be on neutral grounds? Or they’ll play a second leg? @Emp_Sel

Andre got a red against Comoros

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Yes. They’ll play 2nd leg on Tuesday in Nigeria. We need a win at all cost else we might not survive the 2nd leg :joy:

So what is the minimum we need to qualify? Win in Ghana draw in Nigeria? @Emp_Sel

How about draw in Ghana draw in Nigeria?