Ghana vs Morocco today, what's your prophecy?

I think the score will be Ghana 2 - 1 Morocco

What’s your prophecy? :crazy_face:

For me, it doesn’t matter anyway, so far us over 1.5 plays :grin::grin:

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Jordan Ayew the black stars captain? How? @siaw come and see your guy. :smile:

Honestly, I’m hoping the black stars will win this one. More vim.

Ah Awurade!!! HOW the fuck is Jordan captain of a whole Black Stars!!! Ghana people no be ambitious kraa ooo?

Wait!! So Andre is playing, but Jordan is the captain?? I’m confused.

Ghana is like a monarchy, only one family leads, irrespective of how stupid they are.

How can I watch the match? I think @Kwabena posted a link for matches, I bookmarked it but can’t find where I stored the bookmark… :man_facepalming:t5:

@siaw come and see your country :joy::joy::joy:

Oh, leave them, they’re just as useless as their politicians.

Dem no play anything for the whole 90 minutes. We don’t stand chance with this AFCON. will be of great service to you.

It’s damn serious. Upon all the investment made, just look at the rubbish they played throughout the 90 minutes. My love for Ghana Black Stars died in 2012 and I’m not so sure I can revive it. As usual, they will start doing this their stupid match calculations, if this team do this and that, then we do this and we will qualify. Stupid analysis after playing rubbish on the field.

Did anyone counted Ghana amongst the possible winners of the AFCON? This team lacks a whole lot of basic things which every team must have. We lack the passion, the “die hard spirit” and so on. Group stages will even be hard to qualify. Just wait and observe what’s going to happen.

Thank you. Also got another link from a friend. But now I’m not even interested anymore because Ghana lost. Waste of time. I won’t watch them again.

Lol. Perhaps you might be interested in other games going forward. I knew Ghana would not win the moment I saw that Jordan Ayew was made captain.

@BigBoss your over 1.5 backfired. @Syrupkuv how far? :smiley:

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@Emp_Sel adey ooo and do you think Ghana wl go far in this competition? It’s very sad to see Ghana playing like some team in my village :cry:

Black Stars are playing like Kwadaso FC. It’s sad to see a team once feared to be faced by so many countries now in the mud. :man_facepalming:t4::broken_heart:

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