Ghana to use herbal medicine to cure COVID-19

The Centre for Plant Medicine Research (CPMR) at Mampong Akwapim in the Eastern Region has made progress in the development of herbal medicine for the treatment of COVID-19.

The centre is collaborating with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and other stakeholders in research to find a herbal cure for covid.

According to the acting Executive Director of the centre, Dr. Kofi Bobi Barimah, his outfit was fast developing the herbal medicine adding that it would bring great respite to Ghanaians when it was introduced.

Speaking at the launch of an immune-boosting food supplement called Thorntina-74 Mixture, he said “We have been working around the clock to get a herbal treatment for the COVID-19 and it will be out soon.”

He stated that "This herbal solution contains an anticarcinogenic and an immunomodulator that prevents cancerous cells and prevents bacterial from easily affecting the system


Wow! Am glad my country have genius scientists who are preparing local medicine for the cure of this deadly virus :microbe:. It’s Ghana :ghana: to the world :earth_americas::v:t6:

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Really? Anka the way I will be proud of this country. We are all looking forward to it we are all tired of wearing masks :mask:


Mese the masks wearing de3 it’s stressing oo
I always pity my little kids (students) who wear a mask over six hours in the classroom. We are all looking forward to the day the world will no longer need a mask


I hope it really works. But if its function is to boost the immune system, can we call it a cure?

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Let’s hope it works. Overdependence on foreign aid is too much @rkay


It’s happening. It’s already started so keep your fingers cross na they are going to saa you with herbal bentoa for vaccination

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