Ghana’s FDA approves two more COVID-19 vaccines

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has approved two more COVID-19 vaccines for importation, distribution and use in Ghana.

The two new vaccine4s are Moderna (Spikevax) and Pfizer-BioNtech (Cominaty).

This brings the total number of approved COVID-19 vaccines for the use in Ghana to five (5), a statement by the FDA said on Wednesday July 28.

These are “Sputnik V, Covishiled TM, Covid-19 Vaccine Jassen, Moderna (Spikevax, Pfizeer-BioNtech (Comirnaty).”

The FDA said it continues to use the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) pathway which is the accepted procedure for all national regulatory authorities globally, in order to ensure timely access to quality and safe medical products including vaccines during this pandemic

“The authority therefore wishes to assure the public that all the approved COVDI-189 vaccines have been subjected to rigorous safety parameters and therefore the public are to receive these vaccines without any reservations.”

We need more potent covid vaccines in the country to vaccinate our people : the Food and Drugs authority should please see to it that vaccines brought here a not fake . For now we can only use the two vaccines while we await other from our own production. In the meanwhile, go get vaccinated for covid

I thought Ghana was to produce their own vaccines so how come there are two new approved vaccines. Secondly, I thought they stopped the vaccination exercise because my community haven’t been vaccinated so where are they keeping the vaccines?