Ghana Police Service

What do you think about the current Police administration.


It is very bad and corrupted. If you see the kind of people they recruit erhh. That’s the main reason why the crime rate is also increasing

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The system is not working, corruption everywhere :white_check_mark:

3y3 asem oo Charlie

The new IGP is trying hard to reposition the police service but politicians will do everything to hamper his efforts. Look at what is happening to Owusu Bempah, the IGP wanted him to face the law but orders from above are manipulating things to look like the prophet is sick . Just to escape jail

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Owusu Bempah is the god of the president. Any effort made by the IGP to prosecute him will be intercepted. Until politicians stop the unnecessary interference, the current police force will still be the same or even worse.

This one it’s not about the IGP oo. My people look at the people they are recruiting. People are not scared anymore because somebody will say after all I can beat most of them. Another person to will say i know somebody so I don’t see any change in this force in our generation

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The Police recruitment process isn’t fair. Most of the policemen today can’t even go on a 300metres run. How then do you chase a criminal? It’s purely based on connection or protocol. If you don’t have one, use the 100ghs meant for the form for Gob3 for one week. It’ll be beneficial. :joy:

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